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It's as simple as an own goal. :)

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Q: Hitting ball in your own goal in soccer what is it called?
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What is a head shot in soccer?

It is hitting the ball with the head and trying to aim towards goal to score.

How do you maake a goal in soccer?

Kick the soccer ball into the goal

In soccer what is it called when a player kicks the ball away from the goal?

A clearance

What is goal in soccer?

It is when you kick the soccer ball in the net.

If you have a soccer goal made with rocks how do you know if the ball was too high to be goal?

If you have a soccer goal made with rocks, you can know if the ball was too high to be a goal when the ball is way above the goal keeper.

What is it called when the soccer ball is sent from the sideline across the field in front of the goal?

A cross.

How they get a goal in a soccer?

Kick the ball through a goal post

How do you score in a soccer game?

You score in a soccer game by kicking the soccer ball into your opponents net from any area on the field. This is called a goal.

When is goal for soccer?

Goal is for soccer when someone puts the ball in the net... i assume that's what your asking

In soccer is it a goal if the goalie goes in the goal with the ball?

Yes. If the ball completely crosses the goal line, it's a goal.

What happens in soccer when a player kicks a ball directly into a goal?

You mean his own goal?? -that would be called an 'own goal' If you don't mean that, then it might be called an "open-play" goal.

Why would you participate in soccer?

I do participate in soccer because it is a fun exhilarating sport where you get to show off how fast you can run towards the goal and weave in and out of the other players line. It is also a great feeling hitting the soccer ball just right and watching it sail into the goal.

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