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For sports rehab in Denton, Texas you can contact the Denton Sports & Physical Therapy Center. If this is not to your choosing, you can also check into D & D Sports Medicine which has a location in Denton.

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Q: Is there a sports rehab office in or near Denton, Texas?
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Yes there are some rehab centers dedicated to that. It is not necessarily for sports injuries, but rather injuries which most commonly occur during sports.

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What is a sport rehabilitator?

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How do you get back into high impact sports after tore ligaments in the ankle?

medical rehab.

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Yes, there are rehabilitation centers in Texas that accept Medicaid, You can find their locations at Most rehab centers accept Medicaid. If you can find one at a hospital, they will definitely accept Medicaid. You can search for rehab centers here:

What are rehab centers?

Rehabilitation services are provided in a variety of settings including clinical and office practices, hospitals, skilled-care nursing homes, sports medicine clinics, and some health maintenance organizations. Some therapists make home visits.

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