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Successful free throws resulting from technical fouls are credited to the team as far as their score goes and to the player making the free throws as far as his statistics are concerned.

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Q: Is the player or team credited with the points resulting from a technical foul?
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How do you improve your technical points in smackdown vrs raw 2010?

You can improve your points by reversing the computer's moves and also doing the leapfrog and ducking moves. I have 99 technical.

What is a technical fall in wrestling?

A technical fall in collegiate style wrestling is when an opponent is defeated by 15 points or more.

When a defensive touchdown is scored does the offense get credit for the extra point or does the defence get credited with the whole 7 points?

The defense gets credited with six points because they scored the touchdown and they didn't kick the extra point.

What is a technical shot?

It's a free throw worth one point after someone on the other team gets a technical foul which are given out when a player or coach acts out of conduct such as yelling at the ref, talking trash, taunting, showboating, etc. In the NBA, a player shoots one technical shot for one point. In high school and NCAA (college) they get two technical shots for two points. In the NBA if both players/coaches on separate teams both get a technical foul it's a "double technical" and no free throws are shot.

What equals a bull-eye in the game of Darts?

The term bulls-eye refers to the act of hiting the center area of the board with a dart. Resulting in many points for the player

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Ossie Schectman was the player that is credited with sinking the first points in NBA history. He played one season in the NBA, 1946-1947.

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If a player has five fouls and is not thrown out should points be deducted when they are finally removed from a game of basketball?

In the NBA, a player has 6 fouls, so this must be a high school or college game. If so, points should definitely not be deducted. That would be punishing the players who scored the points. Never deduct points, but instead, reward the other team. Give the team of the player who would not leave a technical foul, allowing the other team to shoot a free-throw.

How many points is a technical foul worth?

They're all worth one point.

How long do points stay on your license for in the state of pa?

3 points are removed per year of safe driving (meaning no violation resulting in points, suspension or revocation of your license)

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For a player dose his points add up in the NHL play-offs?

No the player get regular season points and playoff points separate

What are roblox points?

Player points are a random, miscellaneous system to track player activity, they do not really have any use other than random, rare games that have a "player points shop".

How can points be scored if a field goal is missed?

If a player catches a missed field goal attempt while in the field of play, he can return it for a touchdown, resulting in six points. After the touchdown, his team may kick the PAT (Point After Touchdown) and score another one point, or convert the two point conversion for two points.

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Text must be typed in a font size of 12 points

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Wilt Chamberlain was the first player to score 100 points.

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"Player" is the independent variable, and "Points" is the dependent variable.

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Role Playing Game. Meaning that the player gets EXP (experience points) for each kill/battle. when you get enough EXP you level up, Usually resulting in a stronger character.

What NHL player has the most points in a season?

Wayne Gretzky 215 points

How many points do you get for a snooker?

You get no points for a snooker. A snooker is when you leave your opponent where they can not directly hit an object ball, because another ball is in their path, or possibly they are in the jaws of a pocket and the pocket is blocking their shot. You will only get points if the player then fouls. So you can get a player into a snooker and if the player does not foul on the next shot, you get no points. You don't get points for putting them in a snooker; you get points if they foul after you have got the snooker. If the player does foul, then you will get either 4, 5, 6 or 7 points, depending on the foul that the player makes.

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The points are Dependent. Just pot the points and put two arrows at the end of the lines.

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