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They're all worth one point.

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Q: How many points is a technical foul worth?
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How many points is a foul shot worth?

1 point for each shot.

How many points worth in basketball?

A regular shot is worth two points. Any thing outside the three-point line is worth three points. Each foul shot is worth one point.

How many points is a made basket worth?

4 points, but if foul it it is 3 point. This is the columbian basket ball rule.

How count a basketball score?

Any points scored within the three point arc is 2 points. Beyond the arc is 3 points and foul shots are each worth 1 point. Also if you are fouled while taking a hot and you make the basket, however many points that was it counts plus you get one foul shot.

How many free throws with technical foul in high school?

three i think

How many points do you lose during a foul shot?


How many points for potting a red then knocking a pink in accidentally?

thats a foul shot so the opponent gets 6 points instead because its a pink ball foul

How many points do you get for scoring a regular basket in basketball?

A regular basket is worth 2 points in basketball. In basketball, a foul shot taken from the foul line is worth 1 point. A field goal, shot in normal play is worth 2 points. A shot taken outside the 3-point line will earn the successful attempt three points.

How many times can you foul in basketball?

2 technical fouls and 6 fouls

How many points is a shot from the free throw line worth?

You don't need any points to get a free throw. You get free throws when someone commits a shooting foul.

How many points can a shot be worth?

If It's a foul shot and you get two tries, the first one, if you make it is worth one point, while the second try (when it's live off the rim) is worth two points! Hope I helped! This my first year in basketball but I know most of the rules, and regulations! :)

How many points is the sanguinor worth?

he's worth 275 points