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No it is up to the plate umpire if he wants assistance from the base umpire. Even if you request it he can deny that request and make the call himself.

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Q: Is the home plate umpire forced to ask his base umpires if the batter swung the bat?
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What do they call a person that calls a softball game?

They are called Umpires. One is the plate umpire, one is the field umpire.

Does a home plate umpire make more money than a first base umpire?

The home plate umpire position does not pay more or less than the umpires in the field. In the Major Leagues, umpires are paid off of their tenure and performance in the league. The 4 umpires typically rotate their postions. After umpiring behing the plate, an umpire will typically umpire the 1st base position in the next game. He will move to 2nd and then 3rd in the following games before being back behind the plate again.

How does an umpire work out who bats first in softball?

An umpire has nothing to do with the batting order. This is up to the coach to insure his players are batting in the correct order. Your coach will give a copy of your line up to the umpire and the other team. If a batter is out of order then it's up to the other team to bring this to the umpires attention before the next batter gets to the plate. If they do identify someone is out of order, in time, then the batter is out. If they fail to bring it to the umpires attention in time then there is no penalty.

Who are the main officials of the softball game?

Umpires are the officials in a softball game. The plate umpire is the head umpire for that game. A coach can approach the umpires about any rule interpretation questions, but judgment calls are final and cannot be reversed.

Is the home plate umpires call on balls and strkes final?

Yes, no other umpire can overrule a ball-strike call.

Can field ump call a hit by pitch?

YES but he should do so after a conference with the home plate umpire. The idea is to get the call right and if the base umpire saw something the home plate umpire did not see he should confer with the the plate ump to get it right.

What is the umpires decision if the batter steps out of the box whilst batting?

MLB Rule 6.02 is pretty clear:The batter shall take his position in the batters box promptly when it is his time at bat.(b) The batter shall not leave his position in the batters box after the pitcher comes to Set Position, or starts his windup.PENALTY: If the pitcher pitches, the umpire shall call Ball or Strike, as the case may be."The official commentary on this rule says even more: "Umpires may grant a hitters request for Time once he is in the batters box, but the umpire should eliminate hitters walking out of the batters box without reason. If umpires are not lenient, batters will understand that they are in the batters box and they must remain there until the ball is pitched."Unless an umpire agrees to call, "Time" at the request of the batter, the pitcher may pitch at will, and the umpire can call a strike if the pitcher throws the ball down the middle of the plate without a batter there. If a batter refuses a request to re-enter the box, the umpire can call a strike even without a pitch.

If a runner doesnt touch home plate and enters the dug out is he out?

Yes if a runner doesn't touch home plate and enters the dugout an Umpire can call him out the second he leaves the dirt surrounding the area of the home plate and the two batter's boxes however Major League Umpires may not opt to declare a runner out even if he missed home plate unless the opposing team appeals the call or tags the runner.

Once an umpire declares a foul ball can it be overturned?

Depending on the call all umpires can reverse a call but the crew chief supersedes all umpire ...Clarification:The chief umpire for the game, aka. plate umpire makes the final decision on a call when another umpire ask for help. If the umpire does not ask for help no other umpire should interfere with the call. The home plate umpire is the chief umpire, unless the league appoints an umpire as the chief umpire -- MLB appoints a crew chief for every umpire crew, all calls where umpires ask for help will come down to his final judgement. You can find all of this in 9.02 and 9.04 of the rules

What are the kinds of umpires in softball?

softball should have 1 plate umpire and 1 field umpire. the plate umpire covers home plate and third base . the field umpire covers first and second and catch or no catch.if he chooses to go out on a dificult catch play. in championship tournaments you will have 1 extra field umpire to be placed at 3rd base he calls fair or foul catch no catch the other field umpire is placed over 1st base and does the same. while calling the bases also..

Who are the two people at home plate in baseball?

i believe that the two people at home plate are aptly named the umpire and the catcher. the umpires job is too call the game by either calling a strike, safe, out, ball, or batter walks. the catchers job is to receive the ball from anyone of the players on his/her team and try to get the runner out

When a batter switches boxes can he cross the plate or does he have to walk behind the Umpire?

Absolutely he can cross the plate if he wants to. The reason they walk behind the umpire is just out of common courtesy. When you step over the plate, you risk the chance of kicking dirt on it. The batter can only switch boxes if he is a switch hitter and a new pitcher comes in. Otherwise a batter must remain on the same side of the plate for the entire At-Bat.