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Q: Is the demarini cf5 -8 full composite legal for 13 year old little league Bat is usssa 1.15 approved?
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Can you use composite bats in little league?

Only some composite bats are approved. i.e. the combat b4 and the demarini cf4. Go tothe related link for more bats.

Is the Demarini Voodoo Bat a composite bat?

no it is not a composite bat by the way little league banned composite bats internationally

Is a 2009 demarini cf3 legal for little league?

no, it is considered an illegal bat in little league

Is the demarini cf4 a legal bat for little league?


Is the demarini black -9 legal to use in little league?

The barrel of the bat may be no bigger than 2 1/4 diameter usually. It most likely will say "Little league approved" on the barrel

Which baseball bat is better the Demarini CF3 or the Demarini Voodoo?

Demarini CF3- All Composite, takes a little while longer to break in, and its more "end-loaded" which is what a lot of the bigger hitters prefer. Demarini Voodoo- This bat is half composite, takes very little time to break in, its more balanced than end-loaded, but a lot say that it performs very well.

Is the combat b3yb1 little league approved?

Yes. As of now, the only "illegal" little league bats are the combat b1 and b2 due to their all composite structure.

Is the 2009 demarini F3 baseball bat legal in Little League junior division?


Is the combat little league approved?

At the moment (1/11/11), Little League Baseball has disallowed the use of composite bats in Little League Baseball. The Combat B1, B2 and B3 are all composite bats which, if the current rule stands, will not be allowed for Little League play. There are rumors that Little League Baseball is considering an exception but as of now the list of officially recognized bats is on this link:

Will composite bats be banned in little league baseball?

this is a little late but as of January 1 2011 composite bats have been banned from little league baseball.

Can you use coposite bats in little league?

yes you can use composite bats in little league

Is the synergy lzn1 approved for little league?

As of March 14th, 2011 this bat is now approved for use in Little League.

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