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Out if umpire catches it.

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Q: What happens if a player uses an illegal composite at in little league?
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Is the combat b3yb1 little league approved?

Yes. As of now, the only "illegal" little league bats are the combat b1 and b2 due to their all composite structure.

Will composite bats be banned in little league baseball?

this is a little late but as of January 1 2011 composite bats have been banned from little league baseball.

Can you use coposite bats in little league?

yes you can use composite bats in little league

Is the Demarini Voodoo Bat a composite bat?

no it is not a composite bat by the way little league banned composite bats internationally

Is a 2009 demarini cf3 legal for little league?

no, it is considered an illegal bat in little league

Should the Omen baseball bat be illegal?

The Omen should not be illegal, even if the people working with Little League decide to ban the Omen Easton would still have a legal composite bat: The S1. The easton company also sponsors Little League. So I think the Easton Omen should be legal.

Is the combat little league approved?

At the moment (1/11/11), Little League Baseball has disallowed the use of composite bats in Little League Baseball. The Combat B1, B2 and B3 are all composite bats which, if the current rule stands, will not be allowed for Little League play. There are rumors that Little League Baseball is considering an exception but as of now the list of officially recognized bats is on this link:

Are carbon fiber baseball bats legal in little league?

No, composite bats, including those that use carbon fiber, have been banned for use in Little League.

What is a mako bat?

A Mako bat is a neon orange/green composite bat that is best for little league or major little league. It has great pop and sweet spot is 2/3 of the barrel

How do you roll a little league bat?

If it for use in little league, it is illegal to roll the bat. The player will be disqualified if they are caught. Try I've had great luck with them

Can you use composite bats in little league?

Only some composite bats are approved. i.e. the combat b4 and the demarini cf4. Go tothe related link for more bats.

Which player was famous for using an aluminum bat?

Little League players. Aluminum bats are illegal in the MLB.

Is the demarini cf5 -8 full composite legal for 13 year old little league Bat is usssa 1.15 approved?


What is the biggest little league baseball league?

Probably the Pecole little league rookie league championship game, either that or the little league world series championship game in williamsport :)

What age is little league?

what is the age group for little league

Who won the little league World Series in 2008?

Waipi'o Little League of Waipi'o, Hawaii defeated Matamoros Little League of Matamoros, Mexico 12-3 to win the 2008 Little League World Series.

When did the little league baseball let girls play baseball?

In 1974 little league baseball was expanded to both genders as girls were allowed to play little league baseball. The little league softball for girls was created.

What team did Jackie Robinson play for in little league?

he did not play for the little league

Can a player drafted in little league be traded?

No a player in little league can not be traded.

Do you capitalize little league team?

Yes. It should be--- Little League Team.

What little league did John Flaherty play in?

West Nyack Little League

What league comes after little league in baseball?

minor league

If a little league player uses foul language what happens?

It is the umpire's sole decision, but he at least has the right to throw him out of the game. I don't know if he has the right to suspend a little league player, but I know he can definitely bench him, and if it gets out of hand he can have him removed from the property.

Why is 11 on the little league outfield fence?

Number of person starting Little League.

Did Derek Jeter play little league baseball?

no, he played little leagUe baseball.