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swimming is not a sport at all ok now who ever thinks that it is it is not

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Q: Is swimming an indoor sport
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Will an indoor sport event get canceled if it's raining?

not unless it is swimming or has to do with swimming.

Is gymnastics an indoor or outdoor sport?

It is an indoor sport.

Is swimming an indoor game?

Swimming is primarily an outdoor activity, but can be an indoor activity with an indoor swimming pool.

How much are indoor swimming pools?

An ok indoor swimming pool costs about $100 A great indoor swimming pool costs about $1,500 A First Class kind of swimming pool costs about $27,000

What are some indoor sports?

Pretty much any sport you can think of has an indoor version. For instance, basketball, hockey, soccer, swimming, etc. Table tennis, squash ball, and racquetball ***Apex: All the above

Which indoor sport attracts more participants that any other indoor sport?


Are swimming are a sport?

yes the swimming is a sport

What olympic sport are the Brazilians good at?

Brazil has won their most overall medals in sailing, volleyball (indoor and beach), judo, athletics, and swimming. They have won their most gold medals in sailing, volleyball (indoor and beach), and athletics.

Is indoor a noun or pronoun?

The word 'indoor' is generally used as an adjective, as in 'indoor activities', indoor swimming pool', etc.

When was Mehmet Akif Ersoy Indoor Swimming Pool created?

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Indoor Swimming Pool was created in 2011.

Is synchronized swimming a sport?

Yes, synchronized swimming is a sport.

Is indoor rock climbing an extreme sport?

Indoor rock climbing is not a extreme sport. Outdoor rock climbing is

When was Team-Sport Indoor Go Karting created?

Team-Sport Indoor Go Karting was created in 1990.

Is swimming an indoor or outdoor game?

swimming is an outsoor game

Do any Lynchburg hotels have indoor swimming pools?

Yes, several hotels offer indoor swimming pools. The Courtyard Marriott, the Hilton, Kirkley Hotel, and Wingate Hotel all offer indoor swimming pools. Choose which hotel suits your needs

When did swimming become an Olympic sport?

Swimming was an Olympic sport in 1896.

What is a good topic sentence about swimming?

I had a wonderful summer

Is indoor swimming better than outdoor swimming?

Both the swimming pool has benefits and drawbacks. It's your lifestyle to choose the type of enjoyment but I would mostly prefer outdoor swimming. It can make me more comfortable with friends. From my point of view outdoor swimming is better than indoor swimming.

Is swimming a Canadian sport?

Is swimming a typical sport for Canada - No Does Canada compete in Swimming - Yes

Why swimming become a sport?

it isn't a sport. swimming is a way to keep from drowning!

Where would be the best place to buy indoor swimming pools?

One of the best places to buy indoor swimming pools is through the site, Endless Pools, as they have one of the largest selections available. Local contractors are also a good source to purchase indoor swimming pools.

Does the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel have an indoor swimming pool?

"No, the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel does not have an indoor swimming pool. It does, however, have a beautiful outdoor pool. The pool is in the courtyard."

What is a indoor sport?


Which olympic sport has a finish line that is never crossed?


Is swimming a good abdominal sport?

Swimming is a good full body exercise sport.