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Certainly; there is even a swimming competition in the Olympics.

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Q: Is swimming an athletic sport
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What does NCAA stand for in swimming?

National College Athletic Association. Same as any other college sport.

Is bowling an athletic sport?

Yes bowling is an athletic sport.

Are swimming are a sport?

yes the swimming is a sport

Is swimming an athletic team?

No, swimming itself is not. However, there are swimming teams.

Why is synchronized swimming an Olympic sport?

From Canada synchronized swimming, or water ballet as it was known in its early years, moved to the United States. The sport received its first big boost in 1934 when it was part of the World's Fair in Chicago. Shortly afterwards, the United States Amateur Athletic Union recognised the sport and national championships began. By 1948 synchronized swimming was a exhibition sport at the Olympics, but it was forced to serve an extended apprenticeship. After five appearances as a non-medal sport, synchronized swimming made its full Olympic debut at Los Angeles in 1984.

Is synchronized swimming a sport?

Yes, synchronized swimming is a sport.

When did swimming become an Olympic sport?

Swimming was an Olympic sport in 1896.

What is a good topic sentence about swimming?

I had a wonderful summer

Why swimming become a sport?

it isn't a sport. swimming is a way to keep from drowning!

Is swimming a Canadian sport?

Is swimming a typical sport for Canada - No Does Canada compete in Swimming - Yes

Which olympic sport has a finish line that is never crossed?


Is swimming a athletic event?

*an* and yes, it is.

Is swimming a good abdominal sport?

Swimming is a good full body exercise sport.

What is the evolution of swimming?

Swimming became a competitive sport in the early 1800s.Now swimming is the third most watched sport in the Olympic games.

Why is swimming an aerobic sport?

Swimming is aerobic. It is considered to be an endurance sport, but there is still sprinting involved.

What is the least athletic sport?

Chess if you believe chess is a sport. If not, maybe pool.

Which sport may be one of the oldest human skills?


How can i get an athletic scholarship for swimming in the state of Wisconsin?

The best way to get an athletic scholarship while swimming is to be the best. You have to make sure that you set records with each race you are in.

Why did swimming become a sport?

it is a sport because you can do it

Is swimming an indoor sport?

swimming is not a sport at all ok now who ever thinks that it is it is not

Is Synchronised Swimming like normal swimming?

no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

Is Selena Gomez athletic?

yes she is kind of athletic. her favorite sport is basketball

Which is the only Olympic sports race in which the competitors do not cross the finish line?

I believe your question is; "Which Olmpic sport has a finish line that no competitors cross" SWIMMING

Is cheer actually a sport?

Yes, cheer is a sport. A sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess," something that describes cheer.

What are women's hurdles?

This is an athletic sport.