Is soccer an endurance sport

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It can be argued that soccer is an endurance sport. Even though it's a timed team sport, players at the international level run up to 7 miles per match. Soccer players are some of the most fit athletes in the world.

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Q: Is soccer an endurance sport
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What is better for cardiovascular endurance soccer or ballet?

Soccer is better for endurance because you are having to build up stamina, whereas ballet is a stop-and-start aerobic sport.

Why does a sport need cardiorespiratory endurance?

Cardiorespiratory endurance in sports is vital specially in discipline like soccer, rugby. There had been instances in the past when soccer players died on collison in the field due to weak heart or having heart ailment.A player with cardiorespiratory endurance can withstand such mishaps, that endanger a player's life.

Who has more endurance a basketball player or a soccer player?


What are 2 components that are health related in soccer?

Muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance

What sports require muscular endurance?

A couple sports that require muscular endurance would be cross country, soccer, swimming, water polo. Any sport that requires you to use the same muscle groups for extended periods of time.

What sports rely on muscular endurance?

I play Soccer, Football, and run Track. Football you really dont need muscle endurance but for Track and Soccer you do.

What kind of sport is soccer.?

A non-contact sport these days

Do you need muscular endurance in sport?


How can soccer relate to cardiovascular endurance?

Playing soccer directly relates to cardiovascular endurance. The act of running around during a soccer game, and the action of kicking the ball, is helpful as a cardiovascular exercise.

Is Soccer is a good?

it is fun and very good for you, also you can take out some aggression without getting fouled

What sport in Australia is similar to soccer?

Australia has soccer as a sport. There is no other sport similar to soccer. The various codes of football played in Australia are nothing like soccer.

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