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Australia has soccer as a sport. There is no other sport similar to soccer.

The various codes of football played in Australia are nothing like soccer.

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Q: What sport in Australia is similar to soccer?
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What sport did Australia make?

soccer hockey and waterpolo

What is the most traditional sport in Australia?

soccer and pingpong

Is fotbol soccer?

The correct spelling is football. And yes it is. In the UK, Australia and so on, the sport some refer to as soccer is called football.Football is called "soccer" in some countries such as the US due to them having a similar but different sport with the name.

What is famous food and sports in Australia?

One popular sport in Australia is soccer

What is the third most popular sport in Australia?

In Australia the 3rd most popular sport is ultimate frisbee. it is behind soccer and rugby

What sport in Australia is similar to football?


What is the largest participation sport in Australia?

Soccer (Actually, Golf is the sport with the highest participation in Australia, with around 1.3 million people playing)

What is the most popular sport in Australia by participation?

Bmx and soccer or tennis

Which sport is most popular in terms of crowds attendance in Australia?


Is Cricket as popular a sport in England the same as in Australia?

no, football(soccer) is

What sport has the most participants in Australia?

Swimming, Soccer, AFL and Netball

What are the rules in Australian soccer?

will you believe the rules are the same in soccer in australia, as they are in the uk. seen as how it is the same sport