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No. Unless the runner scores, it is NOT a sacrafice fly. If a batter flies out while a runner is on either 1st or 2nd base, tags up and advances to the next base, it is simply ruled as a flyout with the runner advancing, and the "at bat" will still be charged to the batter. A sacrafice fly scores the runner after he tags up, the batter does not get charged with an "at bat", and he also gets credit for a run batted in (RBI).

I disagree. If a batter bunts and the runner advances, it is a sacrifice. So it would stand to reason that if you fly out, and the runner advances, then it would be as well.

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It's not a matter of disagreeing, it's a matter of MLB rules as designated by the rulebook. A sacrifice fly is not the same as a sacrifice bunt, a hit is only a sacrifice fly if the runner can tag and score. The reason being that a sacrifice fly is not scored as an official at-bat due to it's strategic value, thus it doesn't count against your batting average; since it's impossible to determine whether or not a batter is going long for strategy, or just swinging for the bleachers, you thus only get the sacrifice if the runner scores, all other fly-balls count against your average. A bunt is far more obvious in it's intent to move a runner, thus a bunt that moves a runner is a sacrifice.
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Q: Is it scored a sacrifice fly if you move a runner up but don' t score him?
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What is an sacrifice fly in softball?

A sacrifice fly in softball is when they batter sacrifices themselves (meaning they are getting an out) to score the runner or to move the runner into scoring position.

What is sacrifice fly in softball?

A sacrifice fly in softball is when they batter sacrifices themselves (meaning they are getting an out) to score the runner or to move the runner into scoring position.

If a runner is on and next batter bunts to move runner but gets out Is that a sacrifice or no since runner didn't score?

It is only a sacrifice bunt if someone scores. If no one scores, then the player who bunted isn't credited with anything.

WHAT IS Runners moved up in baseball box score?

it means that all the runners move up a base, like runner on first move to second and the runner on second move up to third etc.

What is the highest possible score for spider solitaire?

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If a batter bunts with a runner on second base would this be a sacrifice?

Yes. If the batter turns around and bunts with a runner or runners on base in an attempt to move them up a base while giving himself up as an out the play is considered a sacrifice.

On an attempted squeeze play runner on 3rd base is trying to steal home batter is hit by the pitch is the runner entitled to score or is he asked to return to 3rd base?

When a batter gets hit by a pitch the runner or runners must go back to their base unless they have to move to forcefully move. now with a base on balls the runner can still steal the base

What is sac means in softball?

Sacrifice. It's usually used for a Sacrifice Bunt, which is when the hitter bunts a ball and gets out on purpose in order to move the runner already on base.

What does SH in baseball mean?

SH in Baseball stands for "Sacrifice Hit" - also known as a Sacrifice Bunt. It is when a batter comes up with a runner or two on base and less than two outs, and intentionally bunts the ball in a way that the fielders have to get him out- which allows the other runners to move up a base or even score. The batter "sacrifices" himself to allow the other runners to advance.

Does a batter get credited with an at-bat on a sacrifice fly?

A batter is not charged with an at bat when he is credited with a sacrifice fly or sacrifice bunt. The main issue is the umpire's judgement: did the batter purposely sacrifice himself in order to move up the runner(s) with less than 2 outs? If so-- and if the runners did move up or score successfully-- he shall not be charged with an at bat. Baseball's accounting therefore does not penalize a batter if he sacrificed himself for the team's benefit. (An at bat with a fly or bunt out would lower the batter's batting average.) Source: Official Baseball Rules 10.08

What is sacrifice in baseball?

If you are referring to a sacrifice bunt, it is a play in which they may need to move a runner on first to second to get him into scoring position. They bunt the ball and force them to throw to first to get the batter out while they get the baserunner to second base.

What does ''advance the runner'' mean?

In baseball "advance the runner" is a term used to say get a runner on base to move forward to another base.

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