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Whatever you do, dont use rem-oil, any other oil made for real firearms or aerosol sprays, they will eat away the o-rings and wear out the paintball gun. Use oil made for paintball guns or air tool oil. a paintball gun is essentially and air tool. the easiest way is to put 6 or so drops of oil into the place where you screw in the tank, then screw in the tank and fire a few shots. you dont need paint to do this.

You should use only manufacturer-recommended lubricant for your gun. Your gun's owners manual should tell you how to lubricate the gun. If youdon't have it then youcan go to their website.

The best paintball oil is Gold Cup oil and the best grease is Gold Cup Final Solution grease.

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Really any non aerosol mechanical lubricant. aerosol sprays like WD40 melt orings. If you have a cheap marker like a tippmann of spyder, you can use three and one oil, but for more expensive electro pneumatic markers you should use an actual Paintball lubricant like sl33k or Hater sauce.

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Nope not at all , Load and fire

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Q: Is it ok to lube your paintball airtank?
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How do you apply paintball marker oil to a paintball gun?

You disassemble it, and apply a non aerosol airtool or paintball lube to the o- rings and major mechanical parts.

Is paintball lube the same as paintball oil?

yes, it does the same thing. well actually it depends, the term lube is often used to talk about a paintball grease (most common is DOW 33) and oil is well, oil, both are paintball specific but you should not be using grease/lube in a marker that requires oil or the other way around. The best paintball oil is Gold Cup oil and the best grease is Gold Cup Final Solution grease.

Can you use sleek paintball lube in your echo m4 airsoft gun?


How do you fix a paintball that refuses to re cock?

lube it and clean it, chances are that's what it needs, use paintball specific oil, no motor oil or wd-40

How do you make a homemade paintball gun cleaner?

Have a degree in chemistry. Do not put anything in your gun besides air-tool lubricant (for mechanical guns), or actual paintball lube.

What are good lubricants for a paintball gun?

i think the new dye lube is good and hater sauce or marmulade

Is It Ok To Shoot A Paintball Gun in backyard?

i think so

Is it ok to dry frie a paintball gun?

It is not a good practice to dry fire paintball markers, as it can give unnessicairy wear to the o-rings.

What is the best lube for MR1 paintball gun?

any synthetic marker oil made for paintball will do just fine, make sure it is paintball oil though. Do not use motor oil or WD-40. Gold Cup oil is the best paintball oil for blowbacks or the Gold Cup Final Solution grease for all high end guns.

What is some recommended Oil for paintball gun?

Only use air tool or paintball specific lubricant. Never use aerosol lube like wd40. Some high end markers require certain lubes, consult the manual or box before maintaining.

What is a marker on a paintball gun?

Ok, considering the last person didn't give you a good answer, here's mine. The paintball "marker" is the proper term for the gun. It's called a marker because it "marks" what it shoots.

Is it ok to use sweet licks as lube?

Can I use warning chauffant sweet licks cotton candy on my vagina