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No, it is not incorrect to shoot a basket ball with two hands.

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Q: Is it incorrect to shoot basketball with two hands?
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How do you shoot a basketball properly?

hold it with two hands

Is dribbling a basketball with two hands legal?


How much shots can one shoot from the end of the basketball court in basketball?

About Two Shots

How many hands can you shoot with in the NBA?

One or two.

Is bouncing the ball with two hands a foul in basketball?


What is it call when you bounce the ball with two hands in basketball?

A double dirbbile

If you shoot a two pointer in basketball and fall in three does it count as three?

no, it counts as 2

What call is made if a basketball player dribbles with two hands?

Double Dribble.

How do you shoot?

Just hold it with two hands then push and let go at the same time.

What violation is committed in basketball if you bounce the ball using two hands?

A double dribble

How many feet can an average person jump to shoot a basketball?

a person can jump around two feet

What is basketball played on?

the game of basketball is played on a court divided into two halfs with a basketball hoop on each end. On ech end of the court there is a three point line to shoot behind, a freethrow line to shoot free throws on and a lane where you can only stand in for three seconds.

Can you use two hands to throw a basketball when throwing from the free line?

Yes absolutely with no problem.

What is the lap shot in basketball?

There isn't a lap shot but there is a lay up shot which is where you take two steps and then shoot

How do you score two points in a basketball game?

To get two points you could shoot a basket because one basket equals two points. Or two free throws.

What is double bonus basketball?

Bonus is where u shoot one free throw and if you make it you get another one and double bonus is where u shoot two free throws no matter what

What is a side line cheer for basketball with the mascot dragons?

There are many basketball chants you can use, but here's a simple one... Shoot for Two, Dragons, Shoot for Two. There are many websites you can find with 1000s of chants you can use. Some even have pictures and videos if you have a hard time putting motions to your words. Just google it.

How many points do you get for a goal in basketball?

If you shoot it from the big marked circle closest to half court but not at half court and in then it is worth two points, but if you shoot it and make it outside of that circle you get 3 points.

What basketball games can you play with two players?

one on one, horse, who can dribble the longest, who can shoot as many shots from wherever in _____ tries and ............ yeah

What happens in basketball when one foot is in the 2 point zone and the other foot is in the 3 point zone and you shoot and make it?

You get two points.

Why are there 2 half circles close together on college basketball courts?

These two half circles are at at either sides of the lengths of the basketball court. They are the boundaries across which if a player shoots then it is a 3 point shoot.

How do you score and win the game basketball?

When you have the basketball, you dribble across the court, and shoot into the hoops (Or you can pass). If you do that without a foul, you get two points. If you shoot from the three-pointer line, you get three points. You can also do free shots, but you'll need to receive a foul for that. If you make one, you get a point, make both, you get two. The team with most point wins!

Can you shoot with Two hands in the NBA?

Yes, there is no rule stating that you must use only one hand. In the early days of the NBA, the 'two hand set shot' was one of the popular shots. A player would stand with the ball in both hands at chest height and shoot. Click on the 'Two Hand Set Shot' link below to learn more about it.

Who are the players in the basketball team?

Generally a point guard, who starts the play. Two wings, who tend to be good at dribbling and shooting, and two posts, who are bigger, and shoot close to the basket.

If two player from the opposite team tie up the basketball how many hands need to be on the ball for it to be call a jump ball?