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a shot

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Q: What is it called to shoot the basketball by pushing it upward and outward with one hand?
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How does a nova occur in space?

A nova is basically an explosion of a star, increasing its brightness by 100-1000 times. Novas occur by the pushing upward and outward of fusing layers of the star, starting with hydrogen.

If a girl is sitting in a chair and Gravity pushes downward but what pushes upward?

The chair is what is pushing upward.

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Air rises when heated because the molecules are moving faster than they were before they were heated. When molecules move faster they move with higher force pushing themselves upward and outward.

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up to 45.

Does upward basketball have a girls team?


What is moving the sole of the foot outward at the ankle called?

Plantar abduction. Movement inward is adduction. Upward movement of the foot is called dorsiflexion. Downward movement of the foot is called plantar flexion.

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I believe it is upwarped :)

Why does a basketball move upward and then downward?

Care to elaborate?

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Because of the upward force pushing it up. It is too strong to let gravity pull it down.

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How does momentum apply to basketball?

When you dribble a basketball then you are causing the momentum to go downward. When the basketball hits the ground the opposite reaction occurs and the basketball goes upward.

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