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Q: How much shots can one shoot from the end of the basketball court in basketball?
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Who is Alex the shooter?

he is a guy that loves to shoot long basketball shots and dont miss them much!!

Which bones move when you shoot a basketball?

depends how much you like basketball ;) depends how much you like basketball ;)

How many shots does it take to kill a lion?

It pretty much depends where you shoot him and 3,4,5,6 shots

How much wax is needed for a basketball court?

what do you use to clean the dust off a basketball court

What is a control player in basketball?

A control player in basketball, is one who does not rely as much on the power behind his shots, as on their placement.

How Much Money is a basketball court?

Mine cost around $120,000 it is a full sized basketball court.

How much money is to lease a basketball court?

Depends on the court

What are some basketball words?

Dunk, fowl, dribble, swish, pass, shoot.. I'm not much of a basketball player so I don't know much..

How much does a basketball hoop have to overhang the court by?

On a regulation basketball court, the hoop is 10 feet from the ground. There is no official amount for a hoop's overhang over the court.

How much players are on the court in basketball?

There are 13-15 people on a court at once.

How much miles in a basketball court?

Basketball courts are 90 feet by 50 feet

How much time is needed for a catch and shoot in college basketball?

1 second.

How many times can you shoot after making a point in basketball?

yiou can only shoot once You can shoot as much as you can but you cannot shoot twice. If the ball goes into the hoop, it automatically goes to the opposing team. Does that answer the question?

How much area would a basketball player have on a basketball court?

Share the ball, and be a good leader

How much time do you have to shoot a free throw in a college basketball game?

You have 10 seconds to shoot the ball. If you do not shoot within the 10 seconds a delay of game foul will be called.

How much time do you have to shoot a free throw in college basketball game?

You have 10 seconds to shoot the ball. If you do not shoot within the 10 seconds a delay of game foul will be called.

How much does it cost to make a outdoor basketball court?

The cost to make a outdoor basketball court can range from under $100 to over $10,000. The cost will vary greatly depending on the materials and type of outdoor basketball court being made.

How much does a 20oz CO2 tank shoot in a paintball gun?

Depending on your marker, but you should get 500 to 700 shots.

How much would it cost to build a basketball court?

Depending on what you want to build. A indoor basketball court or outdoor court. (indoor)$100,000 or less (outdoor)$20,000 or less.

Why are basketball arenas so much smaller than football stadiums?

Because a basketball court is much small than a football field

How much does a basketball court cost?

$10,000 for my fellow baller

What is the average amount of basketball shots made in one minute?

There is much more information needed to answer this question. What time of year? What time of day? Where? What country? In the NBA? In college basketball? Both? If you mean the average amount of basketball shots made in one minute total, then this question cannot be answered. Anyone can make a basketball shot at anytime.

How much cement in basketball court?

Better question is can a basketball court be paved with cement, and the answer would be yes some do have cement. If you want to have cement on a basketball court you'll need to know how long the court will be and the wideness to have the right amount. (Don't forget you'll need to level the ground). Once that is finished you can guesstimate how much you will need. Probably really depends on the length and width

How much time is needed to catch and shoot in basketball?

Usually, basketball games last at least 3 years. Players stay in specially made hotels.

What makes baseball different from basketball?

offense: basketball, you shoot through the hoop to score. baseball, you have to hit the ball then run all the way around the bases to score. (basketball gets higher scores, and the points are spread around more, and its much funner.) defense:basketball, its more physical, where you can actually try to stop them from scoring by blocking their shots and stealing the ball. baseball, you can stand at a certain position and do something with the ball if it comes to you. (basketball is a much more physical and quicker paced game- more involvement from every player) all together: basketball is mostly a physical sport, and baseball is not.