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I, as a strong volleyball player, say yes! But if you feel secure without them, it wouldnt help you or your team to start mid-season. they can take some time to get used to :)

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Q: Is it bad to not have ankle savers in volleyball?
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Is volleyball good for your knees?

Volleyball is not good for your knees but its not necisarily bad for them either. Usually, volleyball players wear knee pads for protection, but without them, yes it would be bad. Volleyball is actually bad for your ankles. If you've ever seen volleyball players with black or gray braces on their ankle, it's because when they land, they unsettle the ankle bone and criteria.

Are volleyball ankle braces worn on the inside or the outside of socks?

Acttive ankle braces are worn outside your socks

What standard equipment is needed for volleyball?

A uniform and knee pads and volleyball tennis shoes and sometimes ankle braces

What are bad things and bad things about volleyball?


Is it bad if your ankle cracks?


How to sprain my ankle quickly at home in my bedroom that will be bad?

jump off the bed and land on your ankle

What did Michael Jordan face?

he had a bad sprained ankle

What are volleyball shoes?

They are the shoes you use to play the sport and help secure your feet in position. Volleyball shoes are typically low-top and built with plenty of support for the ankle. Popular brands for volleyball shoes are Mizuno or Asics.

Why do you need a ankle brace in volleyball?

Yes and no. I have known many girls who have still injured their ankles playing while wearing braces. However that could possibly be because of the brand or quality. I personally don't wear them.

What kinds of volleyball teams are there?

good and bad ones.

What eqiupment is used in volleyball?

The equiptement you need to play volleyball is a net, 2 volleyball poles, a ball, and antennas( red and white striped tiny poles). Clothing wise you need spandex, a tee shirt or jersey, knee pads, athletic shoes, and ankle braces(optional).

When was volleyball was orignanted?

hi, volleyball was created in massachusets(bad spelling maybe) by William j Morgan in 1896.