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Q: Is it a violation if a free throw shooter steps on the line?
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Is it a violation to talk during a free throw?

No, not that I ever heard of. It maybe if you are talking to the free throw shooter.

When does a player enter the free throw lane after a free throw is shot?

When the shooter release theball

How many feet are in a free throw line?

None. If the shooter has his foot in (on) the free-throw line, the shot is disallowed and considered a missed free throw.

Who is the worst free throw shooter ever?

Ben Wallace

Who is the best free throw shooter this season?

Kobe Bryant

What is the probability that a 42 free throw shooter will miss the next free throw?

There is a 58% chance they are going to miss.

What happens if you pass the free throw line when shooting a free throw?

If you pass the free throw line when shooting you will be called for a line violation.

What type of violation occurs if a player steps on or over the line while shooting a free throw?

It's a lane violation if the ball has not yet touched the rim. the penalty is forfeit of the shot. in peewee through colllege, the shooter, his teammates, and their opponents cannot step on or over the line either. In NBA, the shooter's teammates and opponents can step both on and over the line as soon as the ball leaves the shooter's hands, but the sooter must wait until it touches the rim.

Who is the best free throw shooter in team Richmond?

Ronnie bodik

Who is the worst free throw shooter in the nba 2010?

Kobe Bryant

Does a free throw violation by the offense result in a free throw?

No, it's just a turnover and the other team will get the ball.

Can a player talk to the shooter of a free throw during a foul shot?


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