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It's a lane violation if the ball has not yet touched the rim. the penalty is forfeit of the shot. in peewee through colllege, the shooter, his teammates, and their opponents cannot step on or over the line either. In NBA, the shooter's teammates and opponents can step both on and over the line as soon as the ball leaves the shooter's hands, but the sooter must wait until it touches the rim.

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Q: What type of violation occurs if a player steps on or over the line while shooting a free throw?
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If a player is running and dribbling the ball and takes 2 steps without passing or shooting the ball is that a traveling violation?

it is considered a traveling violation

What are the lane violations for foul shooting?

if a member of either team steps into the paint during a foul shot, it is considered a lane violation

What is backward violation in basketball?

A back court violation when the offensive player with the ball steps behind the half court line after crossing it.

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What is a penalty in basketball?

One type of penalty is when a defensive player hits the hand of the shooter when shooting, or travel when you take to many steps before bouncing the basketball.

What is the violation if the server steps on the end line while serving in volleyball?

they get slapped

What constitutes a traveling violation in NBA?

A traveling violation happens when you take more than two steps without dribbling the basketball. You are only allowed to take two steps without dribbling or else you have to shoot or pass.

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What are the violations in basketball?

Traveling violation (when player takes more than two steps after dribbling in FIBA you can't even take one step, in the NBA you can take two, in some countries you can take three).Over and back/back-court-violation (When player with the ball steps behind the half-court line after crossing it).Kicked-Ball-violation (when a player on defense kicks the ball).Double-dribbling violation (A player cannot stop dribbling and then start back).Five second violation (A player has five seconds to inbound the ball before the ref blows the whistle).Eight second violation (NBA)/Ten second violation (high school/college) (A player has eight seconds to bring the ball to the other side of the court to the basket they're trying to score on when going on offense. In high school and college it's 10 seconds instead of 8).24 second shot-clock violation (NBA)/35 second shot-clock violation (NCAA) (Players on offense has 24 seconds set on their shot-clock which is mostly set above the backboard, they have 24 seconds (35 in college) to make a basket, if the clock expires without the ball being shot first it's a violation, if the ball hits the rim and the team on offense rebounds (gets) the ball they will have a new 24 seconds).Three-in-the-key violation (player's cannot stay in the paint area under the rim for 3 seconds unless they are guarding someone).Back-to-basket (Player cannot be in the post with a player guarding him with his/her back turned for five seconds).

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