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It is legal for a teammate to kick the ball to their own goal keeper. The goalkeeper would not be allowed to use their hands. If they do so, then it would be an indirect free kick for the opponents at the location the goalkeeper touched the ball.

A penalty kick would not be awarded.

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Q: Is it a penalty if a player kicks the ball back to the goal keeper?
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What happens when a player passes back and the keeper picks up?

Unlike deliberate handling, which is a direct free kick offense, passing with the feet to his own goal keeper and having the keeper pick it up inside the penalty area would result in an indirect free kick.

When a back pass is going into the goal can a keeper save it without being penalised?

This depends on the referee's determination of the passer's intent. If the player was deliberately passing the ball to the keeper, then the keeper may not handle the ball without penalty (though of course saving it with the feet or another part of the body is perfectly legal).

Can a goal keeper dribble the ball back into his goal area and pick it up?

Yes, but it depends on how it was passed to them. There are restrictions when a team mate kicks it it to their own goal keeper. There are restrictions when a team mate throws a ball in directly to their own goal keeper.

If a defender deliberately kicks the ball up in the air to enable him to head it back to the goalkeeper is this classed as a deliberate back pass and the goalkeeper cannot pick it up?

You are absolutely correct. If, in the opinion of the referee, a player kicks a ball up into the air to deliberately chest or head the ball back to his own keeper to permit the keeper to "fairly" play it with the hands, it is a violation of the Laws of the Game and will result in a caution for Unsporting Behavior. The maneuver was done to circumvent the rule regarding the backpass to the keeper.Oh, and the keeper can pick up the ball in the above situation, but it will result in a whistle and the awarding of an indirect free kick to the other team at the spot where the keeper touched the ball. But you knew that. Good for you!

Is there any situation where the goal keeper can not bounce the ball?

Yes, cannot hand ball a back pass or outside the penalty area.

What happens if a goalkeeper picks up the ball from a back pass?

No. A back pass made by a teammate who kicks the ball back cannot be played with the hands by a goalkeeper, even if he is within his own penalty area, without violating the Laws of the Game. This rule represents a "recent" change in the FIFA Laws of the Game. It's an attempt to "enhance" the game and the way it is played. It removes a small advantage the defensive team had, as it takes an option from the keeper, forcing him to play the ball with his feet on a back pass from a teammate. Additionally, no attempt may be made by the defenders to deliberately circumvent this rule. For instance, if a defender lifts the ball with his foot and heads it back to his keeper (who is in his own penalty area), the keeper is prevented from fairly playing the ball with his hands under the penalty of an award of an indirect free kick (to the keeper's opponents) from the point where he touches the ball following said action. The move by the defender to lift the ball up so he could play it back with his head is a deliberate effort to "get around" the rule.

Can a field player take a goal kick to the goal keeper who is standing outside the 18 and the keeper dribble or drag the ball back inside 18 and the keeper pick the ball up with their hands?

No, the keeper cannot pick the ball up after his own player intentionally plays it to him using the feet.

What is goldkick in soccer?

The question is probably referring to a "goal kick." In FIFA Laws of the Game, Law 16 addresses goal kicks. In simple terms, a goal kick occurs when an opposing team kicks a the ball over a defending team's goal line and out of bounds. Rather put the ball back in play with a throw-in, instead the a player on the defending team (usually, but not necessarily the goal keeper) kicks the ball back in play after placing the ball at any point within the goal area.

Can the goalie pick up the ball when a player on his side passes the ball back to him in mini soccer rules Under 10's?

According to the FIFA Laws of the Game if a player passes it with their feet to the goal keeper who then picks it up in the penalty area, then play is stopped and the restart is an IFK for the opponents.

Can a penalized lacrosse player be substituted in the designated penalty serving area?

once there penalty time is done a substitute can run in and the person in the penalty box goes back to the bench

Can the goal keeper take the ball back into his own penalty area with his feet and then pick it up?

Yes so long as he did not receive the ball from one of his own team mates.

Is there a situation in soccer when the goalkeeper may not handle the ball inside the penalty box?

Yes. If the ball is kicked to them or thrown-in to them directly from a team-mate. If the goal keeper releases the ball from their hands they cannot pick it back up again until another player touches it.

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