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Q: Is it a good idea to start ballet at age fifteen?
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What do you need to beable to do ballet?

You need to be very physically fit, be physically flexible and have good balance. You will need ballet shoes, and it would also be a really good idea to enter ballet school to get taught properly how to perform ballet.

Where can you learn to do ballet online?

it would be very hard learning ballet from videos etc as you really do need a teacher. but if you type on youtube basic ballet steps and start from there. then google ballet steps and learn how to do them from watching videos on youtube you can then start to put steps together. It would also be a good idea to get a book out from the liabary on ballet technique and a guide to ballet, so you learn how to train your body (posture, turn out etc) GOODLUCK!

Is 15 too old to re-start ballet and modern?

No, 15 isn't too old to start/re-start but its more that it is easier when you have started ballet at a young age because your body is more attuned to the physical pressures of ballet. But if you have done ballet it shouldn't be too bad and at least you'll have some sort of idea of what you are doing! :D

Can you be in love at fifteen years old?

Yes you can but sometimes it's not a good idea to get your heart broken at such a young age.

Is ballet a popular dance style?

i hav no idea

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Is it a good idea to start a bookkeeping business but it also depends on the person. If you're passionate about a bookkeeping business then go for it.

Can you help out with ballet class even if you are not very good?

Helping out with your ballet class is a good idea, but it would not be advisable to start helping out in Grades that you are not comfortable with like a harder ballet class. Even if you are not confident in the grade that you are doing, you can always help with younger grades or with the toddlers, as then they will look up to you as a role model and you will be able to establish the basic skills so that you are a better ballet dancer. I helped out in a toddler tap class for a dance school show, and all the young children thought I was amazing even though I wasn't that good at tap back then!

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Remodeling and repairing your garage to start a business sounds like a decent idea.

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to start a petition you need an idea and a good reason.

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I have no idea what you're talking about, pal.

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How is the style of ballet different nowadays than what it was like when it was first performed?

no idea but if anyone does no please saytoday ballet is more recent

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