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it would be very hard learning Ballet from videos etc as you really do need a teacher. but if you type on YouTube basic ballet steps and start from there. then Google ballet steps and learn how to do them from watching videos on youtube you can then start to put steps together. It would also be a good idea to get a book out from the liabary on ballet technique and a guide to ballet, so you learn how to train your body (posture, turn out etc)


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Q: Where can you learn to do ballet online?
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Where can one learn more about ballet terms?

The American Ballet Theatre has an online ballet dictionary, which has listings and definitions for 170 ballet terms. The website includes pictures, and lumps definitions into similar groups.

I'm a ninth grader and I want to learn ballet but I dont think my mom would be very supportive can I learn online?

unfortunately you can not learn ballet online.ballet takes alot of technique and have to do stretches and have someone who has been doing ballet for a long time tell you and guide you through the steps.i go to a creative arts skool and we do isn't easy.theres warm up,bar,floor stretch,and combination..theres no way you can learn ballet online and actually master it.

What do you learn from ballet?

A lot of ballet dancers learn correct posture and dicipline?

Is any free online courses for learning ballet?

You can't learn ballet on the internet.Go to a dance studio,usually classes are a few hundred dollars a month,and if you want to be good,some are up to a thousand a month.

Is it too late for an 18 year old to learn ballet?

It is never too late to learn ballet! :) just take classes.

Can you read Cinderella ballet mystery online?

can you read cinderella ballet online Save

Can we learn ballet dance in the age of 21 to 24?

Yes, provided you have the zeal and determination, you can learn the ballet dance in the ages of 21 to 24.

What are the good things of ballet dance?

Type your answer here... The best or good things about dancing Ballet is that you can learn to have a good posture. And you will learn to be more flexible. And that you will learn to be graceful. Ballet is the root of all dances since it is considered the only dance with all the terms. And one thing that is also great about Ballet is that it is a good and fun exercise. And once you've started ballet, it is unusual not to like it.

What does level 5 mean in ballet?

Level 5 in ballet is a advanced level you can get stronger in. In ballet 1 you learn the basics. In ballet 2 you learn more steps but still not to advanced. In ballet 3 you learn some more steps and get a little more advanced. In ballet 4 you get stronger and more steps and at that point your feet get stronger and when your feet are strong enough your teacher decides if you go up on pointe or not yet. After 3 or 4 years in ballet 4 you go to ballet 5. ballet 5 is a very advanced class and is the highest level you can get to!

How long would it take a 13yr old girl to learn ballet?

it will take 27,000 years for them to learn ballet b ecause they probably suck

How does ballet help your heart?

Ballet helps you to learn to control your breathing and is a great cardio workout.

Can you teach yourself ballet?

I do not think you can. There are so many things you can learn. All the words used in ballet are french so you would need to learn those words. You need to be able to point out the details used in ballet. For example, in jazz, when you do a pirohuette turn, your leg by your knee is parallel and in ballet it is turned out. In ballet you all ways use opposites too. Also, you need to learn all the positions. When you do a performance, you don't always smile too. So you probally could not teach yourself ballet.

Do you have to learn ballet first to do a split?

No, you don't have to learn ballet first to do a split. Its just a matter of how flexible you are, you just have to do a lot of stretching to make yourself more flexible.

Should you learn ballet or tap first?

Absolutely, positively Ballet. It is the core of all forms of dance.

Can you learn the splits in ballet class?


Where do you learn ballet?

You can start learning ballet at any time. If you start too young, you could get into bad habits, and the Ropyal Ballet School says you should start around 6-7 years of age. You go down to the locakl ballet school, and if you are amazing, auditionj for the Royal Ballet School. Also, go for their Summer School. You learn LOADS, and it is amazing there!!

How do you teach ballet?

You learn it by your self or with someone then you teach it.

How can you learn how to dance ballet?

Find a good quality ballet school in your area, and attend classes if not go to other place

How can you audition for ballet school of hamburg ballet?

Go online to the dance schools and get application forms off !!!

Why did ballet occur?

ballet occured to form as one of the many ways to express yourself through motion. ballet is an art to be mastered by anyone who knows how to move in any way. you dont learn ballet, you are born knowing it. Ballet is the motions made by anything- anywhere

Why is contemporary so similar to ballet?

to acually do contemperary you have to learn how to do ballet. for ice scating if you dont know ballet it is going to be hard. ballet is like the core of jazz, modern, contemerary, ice scating and so many more.

What is a ballet DVD that can help children learn basic ballet at home?

A ballet DVD that can help children at home is Ballet 101 - A Beginner's Class. This item is around 20 dollars and is very highly rated by other users.

Is 13 a good age to start studying ballet?

I am 13 and interested in studying ballet as well. Although I believe it is never too late to do anything, it will be really difficult to learn. Ballet has many different positions to learn and jumps to learn. And you must be EXTREMELY flexible. Most children start when they're really young. But if you really want to do it, then do it.(: Don't be discouraged though, I am 13 and have never done ballet before now in my life.(:

Do you have to go to school to do ballet?

If you have a serious interest in ballet and would like to be a professional ballet dancer, you can only develop that level of skill by studying at an actual ballet school. If your interest is not as serious, you can learn lots about ballet by reading about it, watching videos and movies, trying things out and teaching yourself.

Do you have to know ballet in order to dance jazz?

no. They are two different types of dances! Ballet is the foundation of all dance. In my opinion, ballet is harder to learn because it is technical and jazz is fun and upbeat! :)