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YES, it's a over and back if the ball touches a player on team A BEFORE going back court, because even though the player's hand didn't touch the ball it touched his/her body, therefore if they go back and get it, it's a turnover and over and back violation.

IF a player on team B "tips" the ball, meaning touches it, and the ball goes back court and DOSE NOT touch a player on team A or goes out of bounds, the other player on team A CAN go back and get it and WILL NOT result in an over and back violation, because team B touched it last.

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Q: Is it a back court violation if a Team A is dribbling in his front court and a team B player swipes the ball hitting the team A player before it goes to the back court and a Team A picks up the ball?
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What is the violation when the player without dribbling the ball?


What is it called a violation by a player with the ball who moves both feet without dribbling?

It is traveling

If a player is running and dribbling the ball and takes 2 steps without passing or shooting the ball is that a traveling violation?

it is considered a traveling violation

Is it violation if you were dribbling in basketball and touched the ball with your knee?

No. It is not a violation if the contact with any part of the foot or leg was accidental. If it was intentional then the player is guilty of kicking the ball.

When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

A violation by a player with the ball how moves both feet without dribbling?

its called a travel. You better not trying to be funny or sumfing cwunt

What is double-dribbling?

Double dribbling is when a player stops dribbling and starts again, uses two hands on the ball, or touches the ball more than once before it touches the floor.

What is ball hugging violation?

A ball hugging violation is when someone stops dribbling the ball and holds it close to their body. A player cannot do this for very long; they must either pass or shoot the ball.

What is a Travel violation in high school basketball on inbounds pass?

The traveling violation occurs when person throws ball on the court and another player receives it and moves both feet without dribbling the ball.

Why do field hockey sticks have grips?

It allows the player better control of their stick when dribbling, hitting, pushing, flicking and generally using their stick at all.

What is traveling in NCAA basketball?

Traveling in any level of basketball is when the player with the ball takes two step without dribbling the ball. Once a player stops dribbling they can only move on foot and the other foot, the pivot foot must remain on the floor, if it moves the refs will then call a traveling violation.

What is carrying or palming the ball?

carrying, also colloquially referred to as palming, is a violation in the game of basketball. It occurs when the dribbling player continues to dribble after allowing the ball to come to rest in one or both hands. Carrying is similar to a double dribble because the player momentarily stops dribbling and then resumes dribbling. If the player is in motion while carrying the ball, then it is similar to traveling. Players can avoid a carrying violation by keeping their palms facing the floor while dribbling. Most basketball players slide their hand to one side of the ball when dribbling to better control the ball, directing it from left to right and vice-versa. So long as the ball does not come to rest this is perfectly legal. Moreover, dribbling this way allows more control and easier ball-handling. The problem arises when the ball-handler slides their hand too far down the side of the ball, having their hand below the ball. This is when the player is in violation and a carrying foul has been committed.

What are the violations in basketball?

Traveling violation (when player takes more than two steps after dribbling in FIBA you can't even take one step, in the NBA you can take two, in some countries you can take three).Over and back/back-court-violation (When player with the ball steps behind the half-court line after crossing it).Kicked-Ball-violation (when a player on defense kicks the ball).Double-dribbling violation (A player cannot stop dribbling and then start back).Five second violation (A player has five seconds to inbound the ball before the ref blows the whistle).Eight second violation (NBA)/Ten second violation (high school/college) (A player has eight seconds to bring the ball to the other side of the court to the basket they're trying to score on when going on offense. In high school and college it's 10 seconds instead of 8).24 second shot-clock violation (NBA)/35 second shot-clock violation (NCAA) (Players on offense has 24 seconds set on their shot-clock which is mostly set above the backboard, they have 24 seconds (35 in college) to make a basket, if the clock expires without the ball being shot first it's a violation, if the ball hits the rim and the team on offense rebounds (gets) the ball they will have a new 24 seconds).Three-in-the-key violation (player's cannot stay in the paint area under the rim for 3 seconds unless they are guarding someone).Back-to-basket (Player cannot be in the post with a player guarding him with his/her back turned for five seconds).

How does a basketball player practice?

by running, dribbling, shooting

Is it possible for a player to travel while dribbling in basketball?


What is the term where a player runs with the ball without dribbling?


If a player dribbles down the court and then stops dribbling and then starts dribbling again what is that called?

if he did a pump fake it is fine, but if just stopped randomly dribbling then dribbled again it would be a unnecessary carry

Does a basketball assist require that the player shoots the ball without dribbling?


Can a player hold the ball for more then three seconds with out dribbling?


What does Stl mean in basketball stats?

the player stole the basketball from another player while they were dribbling

What is a lane or key violation in basketball?

A lane violation is when a player tries to get a rebound before the ball gets to touch the rim during a free throw (high school rules). A key violation or "3 in the key" is when a player (offensive player or defensive player) is under the basket (known as the "paint") for more than 3 seconds.

What does charging mean in basketball?

when an offensive player knocks down a defensive player while the offensive player is dribbling

How long can a basketball player keep the ball in his hands without dribbling?

Professionally , 24 seconds before a holding penalty , and 30 seconds in College play.

What reason would a player or coach be given a foul?

Coach:screaming and arguing with Ref. Player stepping outside the line, double dribbling, hitting another player, pushing another player outside of line, loosing ball outside of line, touching ball when going outside the line. Im not in basketball but im a manager.

In basketball is a foul and a violation the same thing?

Generally, the answer is no. For instance, a lane violation is not a foul. When a player is shooting a free throw, the other players underneath the basket are not allowed to enter the key until that player releases (shoots) the ball. If they enter the key before the player shoots the ball, that is a lane violation, and the player will shoot another free throw (unless he made the shot). Thus, a violation is not always a foul.