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In Basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

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Q: When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?
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Can you travel with the basketball on the basketball court?

nope Why not. When you walk with the ball with out dribbling it is considered traveling. The rules of basketball require a player who has the ball to bounce it against the floor all the while they are moving. Bouncing is dribbling.

Is a walk considered an at bat?

No, a walk is considered a 'plate appearance' but not an at bat.

Is basketball considered to be a workout?


Is it a violation in basketball when 2 players from the same team are holding the basketball at the same time?

Yes. It is a walk

How many feet are considered out of the lane according to the 3-second rule in basketball?

You have to have both of your feet out of the lane. For instance, if you have both your feet in for 2 1/2 seconds and walk out and then walk back in, you won't get a three second call.

Is basketball famous?

Basketball is a popular sport, depending on the country you live in. The players are considered famous but the sport is just considered popular.

Can you play college basketball without a scholarship?

yes its called a walk-on.

What disabilities do you need to play wheelchair basketball?

u cant walk

Is a walk and a travel the same thing in basketball?

yeah, same thing

How do you move the basketball up and down the court?

you have to dribble the ball up and down the court because if you walk with the basketball you will be travelling.

How many gAmes is considered a sweep in basketball?


Who was considered the Father of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith

What is considered a martial art karate or basketball?


Who is considered a goat in NBA basketball?

Micheal Jordan

When inbounding the basketball can it hit the ref and be considered in play?

No, if it hits the ref in will be considered a do over.

Do you have to have a scholarship in order to play basketball?

No, you can walk on to the team if you are good enough. Some schools like Cornell do not have any basketball scholarships.

Who are the best college basketball walk ons of all time?

Cameron mills

Why were high tops invented?

to walk ,run,play sports like basketball

What is considered the initial era of basketball?

Probably the 1950's.

What is considered a complete step in basketball?

Any step taken.

Is UNLV considered a mid-major in basketball?

Not even close.

If a player is hit with a basketball while out of bounds is this considered a turnover?


Who considered the best basketball player ever?

Garrett Hall

What size is a mens basketball?

A men's basketball is considered size 7. A size 7 has a circumference of 29.5 inches.

In basketball what is considered second to shooting in importance?

Probably basketball sense, IQ if your talking about overall and not about a specific position.