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The traveling violation occurs when person throws ball on the court and another player receives it and moves both feet without dribbling the ball.

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A traveling violation happens when you take more than two steps without dribbling the Basketball. You are only allowed to take two steps without dribbling or else you have to shoot or pass.

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Q: Is traveling in a basketball violation or a foul?
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If you fall in possession of the basketball is it automatically a traveling foul?

yes it is an automatic violation

What are the pentalites in basketball?

Traveling Walking Backcourt Violation Over-The-Back foul Shooting Foul Offensive Foul Reaching in foul On the pass foul Blocking Foul Charging Three seconds in the key Eight Seconds Backcourt Five seconds Inbounding Out Of Bounds Shot Clock Violation Flagrant Foul Technical Foul Lane Violation 10 seconds Free Throw Violation Carrying I think that's it. -David

2 types of penalty in basketball?

Foul and violation.

What are the different violation in basketball?

there are the back court violation, shooting foul, blocking foul, charging foul, over the back foul, flagrant 1 and 2 fouls, out of bounds, 5 seconds back to the basket while dribbling, 3 seconds in the key offense, 3 seconds in the key without being an arms length from an offensive player when you're on defense, traveling, double dribble, clear path foul, goal tending, reaching foul, in college 35 second violation and in NBA 24 second violation, and technical foul.

What is the international basketball foul?

It is a mixture of charging, traveling, and picking & rolling, == ==

What are the rules and regulations for playing basketball as a professional sport?

1.back court violation 2.carry 3.foul (shoot free throw) 4.technical foul 5.traveling 6.loose ball foul 7.goaltending 8.out of bounds 9.offensive goal tending 10.kick ball violation and many more.

In basketball What do you call the foul when a person moves without dribbling the ball?


What are vocabulary words about basketball?

dribble, shoot, foul, traveling, run, jump, compete

When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

What starts with t and has to do with basketball?

Usually t is Any of the following Technical foul, Traveling, Timeout, or Turnovers.

Is blocking a violation or a foul?

a foul!

What is a basketball teclnical foul?

A technical foul in basketball in one the dose not involve contact and is a rule violation. Spectators, people on the bench, coaches, even entire teams can be found guilty of technical fouls even prior to the start of play. The severity is considered greater than a personal foul but dose not rise to a flagrant foul.