Is hockey better than swimming

Updated: 8/20/2019
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hockey is way better than suimming

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Q: Is hockey better than swimming
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Ice hockey verse swimming?

Hockey is a lot enrgetic than swimming but it all comes down to your own decision

Is hockey healthier than swimming?

yes it's healthier!

Is swimming better for your body than dancing?

Yes, swimming is better for body than dancing as swimming allowing exercising and practicing more body muscles than dancing.

Is Hockey Better than Basketball?

Hockey is way better than basketball. In hockey you are allowed to hit (check) people. The game moves faster and is more exciting to watch!

Is a x 60 hockey stick better than a se16 hockey stick?

the se16 is better then the se16

What is the better work out swimming or gym sessions?

I think that gym is better than swimming in sometimes ..

Why is netball better than swimming?

Netball is not better than swimming and swimming isn't better than Netball because its up to you what you like better. So if you cant decide ask a friend or try out the sport but if you don't like it try thay other.

How do you play hockey better?

Practice and learn from those who are better than you!

Is Suny Brockport hockey better than buffalo state hockey?

buffalo state

Is hockey better than baseball?

Depends how you look at it... you are more suceptible to injuries in hockey.

Why is track better than hockey?

because track gives you more energetic than hockey because track can give you more muscles and stay in better shape and hockey gives you strong muscles.

Is hockey better than footall?

That depends on your tastes. In my personal opinion, hockey is far better than football. It's more fun to watch and play. Hockey has so many more exciting things than football.