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Yes, swimming is better for body than dancing as swimming allowing exercising and practicing more body muscles than dancing.

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Q: Is swimming better for your body than dancing?
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Is swimming as good as running for losing weight?

As a matter of fact, swimming may be better than running because it has less impact on joints and more of the body is used for swimming than running.

Is hockey better than swimming?

hockey is way better than suimming

Are swimming jammers better than swim briefs?

Jammers are the best thing you can use as of this point.(now that body and leg suits are banned) A suit is better than skin up to a certain number of swims when it starts to wear away. When using a jammer the suit covers more area of the skin than breifs and gives more compression the the leg muscles which is better for swimming.

Which is a better time in swimming-a zone or a star?

Swimming Zones is far more impressive than swimming stars but stars is good training

Is a pole dancing class good for Fitness?

Yes, if done correctly one can end up using much of one's body with minimal stress on joints, etc. Pole Dancing is better for building muscle tone than losing weight.

Is dancing exercise?

Absolutely!! A lot of dancers are in better shape than many athletes.

Is a true dragon better at swimming than walking?

No, a dragon would rather walk than swim.

Is tortoise a turtle?

no, they are separate animals. tortoises are better suited to swimming than turtles

Is swimming cool?

YES, it is beast! It is better than football or any other sport!

Is sixteen an okay age to start swimming?

Better late than never. Go for it.

How do spanish people dance?

by dancing better than white black or any kind of race there is!

Does saline pool make body hair fall out?

No. No more than swimming in the ocean will.