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perhaps, if it is a shortened version of gridiron.

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Q: Is grid another name for a football field?
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What is another name for the football field?

grid iron

What is a Another name for football field?


What is another name for a soccer field?

Football Pitch

Why are football fields sometimes called gridirons?

It commonly derives this name because of its gridirons appearance from above. The grid lines on the field representing the yard markers are similar to that of a grills gridiron.

What is another name for football?

another name for football is soccer.

What does GRID stand for?

GRID is an acronym for Gay-Related Immune Deficiency, which is another name for AIDS.

What was the name of UGA's first football field?

Herty Field

What was the name of georgias first football field?

Herty Field.

What is another name lines on a grid?

For Maps, it is latitude and longitude.

When was gridiron changed to the name football?

American football, sometimes called Gridiron, has always been called "Football" in the United States since it was invented. This is why Americans refer to Association football as "soccer", even though the English (who invented the word) generally stopped using that word long ago. The name "Gridiron" comes from a name used to describe or refer to the American football field of play, so-named because of the grid-like jail-bar pattern the lines make.

What is the other name of football?

If you mean American Football, it is often referred to as 'Grid Iron'. If you are referring to the international sport of Football, it is known as 'Soccer' in a number of countries, which originates from it's full title, "asSOCiation football".

What anther name for football?

Another name for the actual football, is pigskin. But i don't know another name for the actual game.

Name of university of Georgia's first football field?

Herty Field...

Ou football Owen field original name?

Boyd Field

What is another name for a field of rice?

Another name for field of rice is paddy field, rice paddy, semiaquatic crop or flooded parcel.

Name a sport that is played on a field?

American football, baseball, soccer, field hockey

What is the name for an Australian Rules football field?

an oval

What is the name of an Australian rules football field?

A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane. A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane.

What is another name for meridian lines on a grid?

I don't know that quetsion?!?! the correct answer is longitude

Is there a minimum size to name a boat?

about the size of a football field

What is a another name for football?


What is another name of football?


What is Align to Grid?

It normally means to make an object of some kind line up to a grid reference. IE icons on a windows desktop. Imagine an invisible grid, and when you arrange by type or name the icons snap to that grid. Another example is drawing on graph paper.

What is a wide out in football?

A wide out is another name for a wide receiver. A wide receiver lines up on offense and can either be out close to the side lines or in between another receiver and the offensive line, this is known as the "slot". A receiver runs and tries to get into an open area of the field so the Quarterback and throw him the football.

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What characteristics could a database field have, such as data type, field name, field size and field format?