What is the name for an Australian Rules football field?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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an oval

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Q: What is the name for an Australian Rules football field?
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What is another name for Australian Rules Football?

It is called AFL (Australian Football League) and us aussies call it footy.

Why do thay call soccer football in other places?

Because football is its original name, as the ball is kicked by the foot. It is called football around the vast majority of the world, it is only in America where 'American Football' is so popular it is called soccer. Soccer is sometimes used in Australia due to Australian Rules Football. Both American and Australian Rules football are variations of soccer (football) hence there names.

Another name for Australian rules football?

In Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory Australian rules football is simply known as Football and colloquially Footy. In the states where rugby league is more common, NSW and Queensland, the sport is sometimes erroneously call 'AFL'. This comes because the national competition is called the AFL - Australian Football League. This shouldn't happen because AFL is the name of the competition, not the sport. It would be the same as saying Tiger Woods plays USA PGA Tour, whereas he plays Golf.

What is the name of the Australian Olympic football team?


What was the name of georgias first football field?

Herty Field.

What was the name of UGA's first football field?

Herty Field

What is Brendan Murphy known for?

There are a few famous people with the name Brendan Murphy. One is a well known Australian Rules Football player, while another is a musician and singer.

What is the name of the legal document that sets out the rules for the government of Australia?

the Australian federation

Is football in Australia soccer in the US?

No. In Australia, the term "Football" [colloquially "footy"], mainly refers to the Australian football game, also called, "Aussie Rules". Even in the two states that play much more rugby than Australian football, they do not reference soccer with the word 'football' - the 150+ year tradition within Australia has therefore long been to be speaking of either Australian football or one of the rugby codes - 'league or union' when football is mentioned. The only change that has occurred is that the major soccer / "association football" league in Australia has changed its own lead name from "Soccer" to include the word "Football", but certainly, neither the general populous, nor the culture as a whole refers to soccer by the term football. The chief governing body of Australian Football has long been named, "The Australian Football League". The true name of the soccer brand of football, by the way, is actually "Association Football".

Ou football Owen field original name?

Boyd Field

What is another name for AFL Football?

Footy, Aussie rules

What is another name for the football field?

grid iron