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Golf is not consider a healthy hobby. In fact most habitual golfers are overweight. People seeking exercise are advised to find an alternative to golfing such as tennis for instance.

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Q: Is golf considered a Fitness exercise?
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How does golf help improve your fitness?

You get to walk 4-5 miles every round, very good exercise.

How do the meanings of the words exercise and fitness differ?

Exercise is what you do, and fitness is what you get from doing exercise.

Describe how dancing can be done as an aerobic exercise.?

You can do zumba fitness and be dancing and it will considered an aerobic exercise bec ause you are working different parts of your body

What is golf fitness?

Golf fitness is working on the muscles that would improve your power, accuracy, and stamina.

What is the relationship between exercise and fitness?

There is a positive relationship between exercise and fitness. If one exercises frequently their will fitness levels will be higher than if they didn't partake in exercise.

Describe how dancing can be done as an aerobic exercise?

You can do zumba fitness and be dancing and it will considered an aerobic exercise bec ause you are working different parts of your body

What is the relationship between physical fitness and exercise?

Exercise should be in accordance with ones age, health and physical capabilities. Inadequate exercise = low fitness; sufficient regular exercise (4 to 5 times/ week) = good fitness; and excess exercise = bad to health & fitness.

Procedure on physical fitness and exercise?

Physical fitness and exercise varies by person and exercise program. To perform physical fitness a person would be doing an activity where their heart rate is elevated.

What has the author Thomas Battinelli written?

Thomas Battinelli has written: 'Physique, fitness, and performance' -- subject(s): Physiological aspects of Exercise, Somatotypes, Exercise, Physical fitness, Physiological aspects 'Physique, Fitness, and Performance (Crc Series in Exercise Physiology)' 'Physique and Fitness' -- subject(s): Exercise, Physical fitness, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Exercise, Somatotypes

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Exercise is part of and aids in physical fitness of the body.

How do the terms exercise and fitness different?

exercise is the actual workout and fitness is the level of strength and health your body is in

What is the link between Health Physical Activity and Fitness?

Exercise is the link between health and fitness. Exercise is crucial to maintain correct fitness and health.

Can you now buy the Gazelle exercise machine in stores?

Yes but you will have to go to the more fancier fitness stores. Fitness centers such as snap fitness has Gazelle exercise machines in the fitness center for you to use.

How does heart rate change with age fitness and exercise?

heart rate decreases with age and increases with fitness and exercise

What segments of the sporting and athletic goods industry dominated the industry by 2002?

Exercise/fitness equipment, golf, and outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and camping, dominated the industry in 2002.

Where can I find more information about fitness and exercise?

Fitness and exercise helps burn calories, and keeps your body healthy. Fitness and exercise has shown to have a wide variety of benefits, ranging from a lower risk of heart cancer to a increased growth of hair. Information on fitness and exercise can be found here;

Are there any golf Fitness exercises I can practice?

That's good to hear that you are active and love golfing! Probably the best type of exercise would truly be golfing. It makes the sense to just go golfing and instead of getting a golf cart, you should walk.

How does a fitness test aid the evaluation of fitness?

Fitness test aid evaluate your body general fitness. it evaluates by make you exercise out some tact.

Which sport does not require a high level of pysical fitness?


Where can Horizon Fitness branded exercise equipment be purchased offline?

You can buy Horizon Fitness branded exercise equipment from various fitness stores around your area. They offer lots of equipment that you can purchase.

What locations offer a Pilates exercise class?

Pilates exercise classes can be found at any fitness facility that does yoga. Examples are 24Hr Fitness facilities, Bally Fitness or places like Curves.

How do you have a great fitness?

Controlled diet and exercise help you in maintaining great fitness.

How do exercise relate to physical fitness?

the more excercise you do the better physical fitness you have

How are exercise and physical fitness reated?

Physical fitness is training i.e. exercising

Why do you need fitness?

we need fitness so you dont gain alot of weight and we need fitness you can exercise and get fit.