Is football (American) a dying sport?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Tito Nolan

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Its not for sure which is which. Though Rugby has less protection they only have limited impact on eachother and the basis for all their tackles are only for the person with the ball, in American football the impact from a tackle can easily kill a Rugby player, In rugby you might leave with bumps or bruise. As a Rugby Player i can see the hits that are coming at me n prepare myself, But when I moved to America and started playing Football at first it was chaos, I broke my leg, ankle, and wrist which put my career at a hault for 1 year and i barely made it back on the field even after therapy. In rugby I was use to a minor concussion or a typical cracked bone. The padding gives American player the right to hit you as hard, and as deadly as they want. And with the helmets i was blindsided and clipped many times. Rugby as well is just as dangerous but atleast you leave the field nowing your career is safe and you can live another day, In america on the average just for High Schools Students 10% of their football players are paralyzed. And 5% ended up dead these are not professionasl these are teens 15, 16 and 17 years of age and they are killing eachother for sport. Rugby is never that dangerous unless people aren't playing by the rules. And even then you can still be sure to atleast live. Even when playing by the rules you end up dying so Yes American Football is much more dangerous than Rugby.

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Karen Luettgen

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Q: Is football (American) a dying sport?
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