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There is no football in Europe. Football is an American sport.

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Q: History of football in Europe
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Saudi Arabia history sport?

Football is there history sport Football is there history sport Football is there history sport

When did Football League of Europe end?

Football League of Europe ended in 1995.

When was Football League of Europe created?

Football League of Europe was created in 1994.

Oldest football player in history of football?

The Oldest football player in history of football is George Blanda.

You wan to attend a football trail in Europe?

i want to attend a football trail in Europe

When was Football Against Racism in Europe created?

Football Against Racism in Europe was created in 1999.

Football club history?

Football club history?What in the world are you talking about?!

You want Hindi translation of History of football of the whole world?

football history

What do you call football in Europe?

Football/Soccer is called football and NFL would be called American football.

How does the history of Europe shape the culture of Europe today?

Generally the European people is too busy to think in their history, and the history of Europe is very very complex... but exciting!

Who was the first football player to play for Europe?

holland they had gantrie van selliepersie who was the first football player to play in Europe

Is history and football history the same?

Yes, sort of. History is about how society and people live, the things they do, and what they invent/learn, arts, and government. Football history would be included in this because it is played/invented by people. It would also be under football history.

What are the Events and stages in the history of Europe?

List in chronological order the events in the history of Europe

Who made football and what date?

in Europe in Europe

What history is about Europe?

European history

Why do people from Africa to Europe to play football?

Europe is a continent which gives more importance for soccer than Africa. Europe has lots of stadiums. In Africa the weather is not good for football and they don't care much about football and only need a simple life.

Name of the countries who played football in Europe?

Association Football, commonly known as soccer or just football, is played throughout Europe, in all of its countries. See the related question below.

Who are the most famous football competitors?

I may be wrong, but i would have to say Real Madrid as they have won the champions league a record number of times, and have continually dominated spanish league football for a many number of years. Within Europe they have the best history.

What do they call US football in Europe?

This sport is known as American football.

When did women start playing professional football?

Click on the 'History of Women's Football' link on this page to read the history of women's football in the United States.

Advancements in the football- the ball itselfs's history?

Click on the 'Evolution of the Football' link on this page to read about the history of the football and the changes made to it throughout time.

Is there an American history without History of Europe?

The answer is, no. Most of our history is based on European history because many things, for example, the Louisiana Purchase, happened because of our freedom from Europe. Although we were allies, we still argued over some things because that is what countries do. But, your answer is, no. There isn't an American history without the history of Europe.

Who has the richest history in football history?

james newkirk

Was soccer originated in Europe?

Football/ Soccer was invented in England, which is part of Europe.

What is soccer called in Europe?