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Krav Maga is Israeli military combatives, in its purest, original form, as created by Imi Sde Orr (an alternate name to his birth one), it was in fact only a combination of Boxing, Judo, and Eastern European wrestling. Nevertheless owing to the influence of I believe Rick Blitstein, among others, Krav Maga has absorbed some Kung Fu, and Muay Thai strikes. It is highly similar to MMA in SOME ways, but it is largely stripped down for efficiency, and has no concept of ground techniques. Simply put on the streets you hit the ground you're dead.

If you want to see a close relative of Krav Maga in action, you should check out the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, if you have a 360 or PS3, specifically speaking, Metal Gear Solid 3, snake eater. If you don't feel like spending the money you can always youtube or google the video. Look for any and all videos featuring female soldier and amazon known as "The Boss," she uses a form of fighting, very similar to Krav Maga. Another example of Krav Maga is the opening music video for the Bond film "Casino Royale." What the sillouetted actor Daniel Craig is using, is Krav Maga. The thing with MMA and Krav Maga though, is that MMA is a sport, you are only allowed to injure an opponent's body for money and other people's entertainment. In Krav Maga the objective is to maim and incapacitate. Again, the best example of "krav maga," at least a close relative, in the video on the related link.

Skip all the way to 2:30, and watch until the end. You will notice that, the entire time, the character uses nothing but leverage. Naturally all that stuff is choreographed nevertheless, the moves are 100% real, no fake Martial Arts there. Part of why I personally liked the brief fighting sequences is because, and this is a rarity in both Video Games AND movies, you see what real martial arts would actually look like if perfecetly executed.

Her moves are not flashy, showy, or show boaty.....but they get the job done. Martial arts legend Bruce Lee would probably love this video; again, the moves The Boss uses, is as real as it gets. Nothing flashy, showy, or pretty, nevertheless there is indeed a graceful efficiency to it, the "taste for olives" that Lee talked about in his "Tao of Jeet Kune Do." CAN a woman take out a man like that? If her form was flawless and she relied on leverage, kicker with leverage is that timing and execution have to be perfect like in a choreographed video. If you must know, Krav Maga uses quite a bit of Judo too. The reason this style is a "close relative," is because Japanese Self Defense forces combatives, are all Judo based, similar to Krav Maga. Truth be told you could very well argue, that Krav Maga is a derivative style of Judo. Derivative, but not exactly the same. So, its a "yes and no" answer, tragically, sorry.

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Q: Is cravmag a form of mixed martial arts?
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