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Q: Is coaching allowed in netball at an injury stoppage?
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What is bad about netball?

The main problem is injury. Lots of netballers get injuries - especially in the knees.

Why is good cardiovascular levels important in netball?

a netball injury can take great effect on your cardiorespiratory system because if your injured how are you going to do the workouts that you need to get your cardiorespiratory system up

A person with a serious what injury should not be allowed to walk?

A person with a serious leg injury should not be allowed to walk. It is also true that a person with a serious head or back injury should not be allowed to walk.

How many minutes in netball do you get to get off the court when you are hurt?

Injury time is up to two minutes, usually.

Why is flexability important in netball?

Being incredible flexible is not needed in Netball but it helps to be a little flexible to avoid injury, such as pulling a muscle. You don't need to be able to do the splits or anything really flexible ;)

Do a drop ball in pro soccer happen?

Yes when the referee stops the match for unusual circumstances such as injury, pitch invasion or any other unusual stoppage of the game

In football why is injury time so called?

Extra time is added due to stoppage that can occur in soccer for the following reasons:RestartsInjuriesFightsPitch Invasions.These breaks are traditionally called stoppages, and they result in extra time added. This stoppage time is added so that 90 minutes will actually have been played.

How do you create a sentence with persistence?

His persistence allowed him to succeed. It was dogged persistence that allowed him to continue to play with his injury.

How long does a guiness premiership game last?

80 minutes (40 minutes each half ) plus injury/stoppage time created in each half is added to the length of the half concerned

A person with a serious blank injury should not be allowed to walk?


3 risks in netball?

increased risk of accumulating hip and knee injury in the future. increased risk of accumulating hip and knee injury in the future. There is also the risk of a cut that gets infected??!!

What will happen when a team has used all the subs in soccer and a injury occurs will it be allowed to sub him?