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its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball

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Q: Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?
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Does the weight of the softball and the baseball effect the speed?

Well if you throw a bowling ball and a golf ball, which is gonna go faster?

Does the weight of the softball bat affect how far the softball will go?

I dont know if this answers your question, But the bat does effect the distance and speed of the ball. Normally, the bigger bat you have (weight and inches) the ball will travel faster and farther. I play softball, and sometimes the coach will reccommend a bigger and heavier bat for the person.( X

What is the the World's record on softball speed?

73 mph

Is softball a good type of exercises?

softball is good exercise because it helps with speed, agility, power, and wits

How to determine the speed of a softball pitch?

multiply acceleration and velocity

What is the average 10u AAU softball pitching speed?


What does 120 mean on a slowpitch softball bat?

The maximum speed in which a softball can come off the bat at in mph. (The bat's composition or structure is designed to limit the speed of the ball off the bat to 120mph)

Is it speed acceleration velocity when a softball is hit into the outfield?

In that case, you have all three - speed, acceleration, velocity.

What is the average 13u AAU softball pitching speed?

About 45 mph

What is the speed of a pitch in fast pirch softball?

Anywhere from 30 to 65 mph

What is the difference between a baseball bat and a softball bat and can they be used in the different leagues?

A softball bat has a fatter barrel tot he bat, as well as a larger length-weight differential. Also, the length of the barrel is longer on a softball bat, as it starts lower on the bat. No they cannot be used in different leagues since softball bats have the larger length-weight differential (maximum in Major League Baseball is -3) and the barrel is too large (standard barrel is 2 3/4 ")AnswerBaseball bat barrels are usually fatter in diameter, heavier and have adifferent COR value (this determines the speed the ball rebounds off the bat) the balls rebound is slower for a softball bat.

What is the appoximate difference in speed between a softball fast ball and a curve ball?