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Q: Is basketball played all over the world?
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What are some What are facts about basketball?

basketball has been played over 10,000 million times all over the world!

What country is basketball played?

i think all over the world but mainly America

Where was basketball first played and were is it played now?

James Naismith invented basketball in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts with baskets and a ball. It is currently played all over the world.

Is basketball a sport played all around the world?


Where abouts in the world do people play basketball?

most notably America although basketball is located all over the world

How many people have used a basketball?

basketball is played all around the world more than a million people play it :)

Where else in the world is softball played in?

Softball is played all over the world.

Where and when was soccer played at?

all over the world

Where is tennis played in the world?

tennis is played all over the world hot and cold

The least played sport in the world?

it basketball Answer: Actually, it's not basketball. Basketball is played from America to Europe To Asia and so on. I would believe it all depends on your definition of sports. Nascar could be least played as it is only in America.

Why is soccer played?

Soccer is played everywhere, all over the world

How did basketball become so popular?

basketball has become so popular because of the nba!! the nba has attracted many viewer4s all over the world !!

Is ice-skating played overseas?

It is a sport played all over the world.

Which state is the worst at basketball?

New Hampshire I play AAU in new England and I've played players all over the world except Australia and every team or player I've ever played from there is terrible

How has basketball influenced people all over the world?

It doesnt.It never has and never will.You stinkin retard.

Where in the world is the sport gymnastics played?

it is played all over the world at the summer olimpices it is a major sport

Where is soccer play?

Soccer is played all over the world.

Where is softball located?

Softball is played all over the world

Compound predicate heather and casey played basketball and tennis all day?

Heather and Casey played basketball ad tennis all day. The compound predicate in the sentence is played basketball and tennis.

Which city is paintball most played?

nobody knows it is played all over the world

What are all the sports obama played?

He played basketball and many others

Do they play basketball in New Jersey?

Of course they do. Basketball is played in all 50 states.

Is karate played world wide?

Karate isn't played but practiced. Yes its pretty much all over the world.

Is American football played only in America?

Yes No it is played all over the world World Sports Scouting

Is Halo 3 an American game?

Yes, but can be played all over the world!