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it is played all over the world at the summer olimpices it is a major sport

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Q: Where in the world is the sport gymnastics played?
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What is the toughest sport in the world?


How is the sport gymnastics played?

The sport of gymnastics is played by a gymnasts level of skill being taught skills in a rytumic movement to form a routine

How many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport?

I love gymnastics and has been my absolute favorite sport since I was 2 years old. All my friends always say, "you have to play a sport!" I always say, "I do, gymnastics. It's is in the Olympics, so it is a sport!" Many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport and all the people that do gymnastics are the ones that really know that gymnastics IS a sport. Also, gymnastics is on the chart of the top 10, most hardest SPORTS! Gymnastics is a sport.

Is gymnastics a sport or not?

Yes gymnastics is a sport. It is included in the summer Olympics.

Where do people do gymnastics?

Gymnastics is done all over the world. Because of this, it is an Olympic sport.

Is gymnastics the most dangerous sport in the world?


If a pommel horse is involved what sport is being played?


In what year did Rhythmic Gymnastics become recognized as an official sport?

The International Gymnastics Federation first accepted rythmic gymnastics as a sport in 1962. In 1963 it had its first world championships. In 1984 it was in the Olympics as an individual sport and in 1996 as a team sport.

Is gymnastics a contact sport?

No, it is not. Gymnastics is a non-contact sport.

Where is gymnastics played around the world?

Gymanstics is a very popular sport.. it is done almost everywhere in the world.. it is a western sport however and you may not find it out in the bush of very rural areas

What is the most dangerous sports in the world?

Gymnastics is the most dangerous sport in the world.

Is gymnastics an Olympic sport?

Yes, gymnastics is a Summer Olympic sport.

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