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No, a volleyball must not touch the ground. To volley the ball means to hit it back and forth continuously without letting it hit the ground.

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Q: Is a volley a ball means to hit it after the ball has bounced only once?
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In soccer what is is called to kick the ball while in the air?

It is called a volley. If it has already bounced once and you then strike it, it is a half-volley. If someone is continuously kicking it without it touching the ground, it is then callled 'keepy-uppys'.

What is middle ball?

it just like volley ball but the ball can bounce once and the net is lower. its lots of fun.

What does volley mean?

(n.) A return of the ball before it touches the ground.(v. i.) To be thrown out, or discharged, at once; to be discharged in a volley, or as if in a volley; to make a volley or volleys.(v. t.) To discharge with, or as with, a volley.(n.) A burst or emission of many things at once; as, a volley of words.(n.) A sending of the ball full to the top of the wicket.(n.) A flight of missiles, as arrows, bullets, or the like; the simultaneous discharge of a number of small arms.(v. i.) To send the ball full to the top of the wicket.(v. i.) To return the ball before it touches the ground.

What is a number of gunshots fired at once is called a?

The answer is a volley

When would you use a volley pass in volleyball?

you would use... a pass/ bump to control the ball once it comes back over a set/ overhand pass to get the ball nice and high to the hitter a hit/ spike to smash the ball in the other teams face!

What if a baseball player bobbles the ball and it goes into the stands and then karoms back onto the field?

Once a ball bounces into the stands, it's out of play. It doesn't matter whether or not it bounced back into the field. The fact that a player touched it also doesn't change anything. So the rule here is the same as it would be for any ball that went into the stands: * A fair ball that reaches the stands without having bounced on the field is a homerun. * A fair ball that bounced into the stands is a ground rule double.

What word means a large number of guns firing at once?

A fusillade, volley or barrage. (Volley is used primarily with missiles, and barragewith cannon, but both can mean gunfire as well.)

What are the rules and of volley ball?

rule numba 1. you cant hold the ball rule numba 2. you cant hit the ball twice. rule numba 3. once the ball hits the floor the other team get the point and they rotate. rule numba 4. if the ball goes out of bounds the opposite team gets the ball and a point. rule numba 5. HAVE FUN!

What year were basketball players allowed to dribble the ball?

Dribbling the ball was not possible until the invention of the orange basketball that we are familiar with today which was in the mid 1950s. The balls used previously were lopsided and you could not control the bounce and the direction the ball would go once bounced. As far as who invented the idea of dribbling the ball and when that was first allowed and who created the rules for dribbling the ball in the beginning that seems to be a great mystery I personally have searched the web and can't find a clear answer to those questions. If you know please share! Prior to the orange ball which made dribbling possible the ball would be simple passed from one player to another with the ball being bounced sometimes once between players on the pass. So since it was not allowed to Dribble to start with someone had to invent it but for the life of me I can't find out who! Do you know?

Can the same person hit the volley ball after they block it?

no they cant i myself play volleyball you can only hit the ball once but if someone passes it to you . you could hit it over A block does not count as one of the three hits (except in Beach) so yes the blocker could be the next legal touch

Who once hit the bar against Charlton with a volley from near the halfway line?

Ryan giggs

What is it called when guns all fire at once?

It's called a barrage