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a fit is better than a Sunday

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:55:27
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Q: What is better a Sunday or a fit bike?
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Which bike is better the Sunday funday ex or the stolen sinner?

The Sunday funday ex is better because it has a liftime warrenty free

Is an eastern bike a good bike?

yeh its okay for beginers nd intermidiates sunday bikes are better

What is a Sunday bike?

It is a awesome nice trick bike made by Sunday.

What are some bmx bike brands?

haro fit s&m eastern and Sunday are all good brands

What type of bmx bike do you get if you want to do jumps or tricks in the street?

go get a eastern we the people or sunday fit kink

What sport bike can a 6'6 240 pound man fit on?

350cc or better

What is the better bike haro or fit?

Fit bike co. is trust me i have one and it has never broke down on me before.I have a friend who has a haro and we were riding and his cranks fell off.

How much does the 2010 Sunday pro bmx bike from Sunday bike co weigh?

about 25.47 pounds

Why is riding a bike better than driving a car?

well because you get fit and you mit ot have a car and cars are do not get you fit at all

Are Fit bikes good quality?

Fit Bikes are very good if you want to buy a complete BMX bike. Good value and much better quality than a department store bike.

Is 26.35lbs On A BMX Bike A lot?

YES! you are probably looking at a bike that claims to be a BMX brand such as Mongoose and Haro but they really aren't meant for the beating they take and they are extremely heavy. You can get a much better bike for around the same price that is a highly recognized name. try i recommend any of the Fit complete series or a sunday complete

What is the best bike you can get?

the fit co bike is the best

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