Are sapient bikes good

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Sapient bikes are a wonderful beginner bike for young BMXers.....much better than mongoose but not as good as Sunday

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Q: Are sapient bikes good
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Where can you find sapient bmx bikes in chicago area?

You cannot find Sapient BMX Bikes in your area unless you are willing to make the trip to the house Boardshop in Minnesota. You can have them shipped to you though. They shipped mine to me for $18 and I live in Maine!

Are GT bikes better than Sapient?

I personally own a 2012 Sapient MX3 and a 2000 GT bump. I must say that I enjoy them about equally. However, if the GT was the current year model, I would probably like It much Better than the sapient. It all depends on what type of Gt or Sapient bike that you buy, but generally, GT bikes are better because they are a much older brand and have much more experience in the BMX world, whereas sapient is brand new. By the way, If you do end up purchasing a sapient, get the MX5, because it is a way better investment than all of the others.

Is sapient a good snowboard brand?

Absolutely not

What is English for sapient?

Sapient is an English word.

Are sapient bikes any good?

No, they are made out of hi-ten steel which is both weaker and heavier than chromoly. On top of that, the brand is one that is very unknown.

what is sapient corporation?

The population of Sapient Corporation is 31.

What is the population of Sapient Corporation?

Sapient Corporation's population is 2,011.

When was Sapient Corporation created?

Sapient Corporation was created in 1991.

What is Sapient Corporation's population?

The population of Sapient Corporation is 31.

What is the symbol for Sapient Corporation in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Sapient Corporation in NASDAQ is: SAPE.

In what year did Sapient Corporation - SAPE - have its IPO?

Sapient Corporation (SAPE) had its IPO in 1996.

Are framed bmx bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good