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A pass

It's called a "backward pass," but statistically, it counts as a run.

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Q: Is a pass behind the line of scrimmage a run or pass?
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Is a catch behind line of scrimmage considered a run?

It depends on where the quarterback is standing in relation to the receiver. If the pass is forward, it is still a pass even if the receiver is behind the line of scrimmage. If the pass is backwards, it is considered a lateral and therefore a run.

Does the quarter back run with the ball or pass it?

He can do either. He can run with the ball, hand it off, or (as long as he's behind the line of scrimmage) pass it.

Can the quarterback in football run with the ball then throw it?

Yes, as long as the quarterback doesn't pass the line of scrimmage. Once past the line of scrimmage, you cannot pass the ball forward

What do the letters STF stand for in football stat?

Stuffs. It is a measure of stopping the run. There is no clear definition but it is assumed that you get credit for a stuff when you stop the run behind the line-of-scrimmage.

Can you run a center sneak in flag football?

USFFA Rules do not allow it in the true sense of a sneak where the center touches the ball to the hands of the QB, retains it and runs with it. A player who is behind the scrimmage line may hand the ball forward to a backfield teammate who is also behind that lihe; or to a teamrnate who is also on the scrimmage line when theball was snapped, provided that teammate left the line position, faced his own end line and was at least one yarb behind the scrimmage line when player received the ball... Pe"a/ty; .5 yatds from spot of foul;also, loss of down if by TeamA before team possession changes during a scrimmage down.

Can a qurterback cross over the line of scrimmage on a run then turn back and cross back over and throw the ball downfield?

No, once the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, no passing plays can be made.

What is a covered tight end?

A covered Tight End is a Tight End with a Wide Receiver outside of him on the line of scrimmage. If you want a Tight End eligible for a pass, he must not be covered up by another player since the only eligible receivers are those with the correct number (not 50-79) who are either in the back field or the last men on the line of scrimmage. Therefore having a player outside of the Tight End on the line of scrimmage is "covering" him up. A covered Tight End is legal for run and pass as long as the covered Tight End is not going out for a pass.

What is the difference between a run and a pass in football?

A forward pass is when a player, behind the line of scrimmage, throws the ball to a teammate such that the ball goes 'downfield' or forward even by inches. A team may attempt one forward pass per play only. Any other means to advance the football is a 'rush' or 'run' play, even if the ball changed hands, or was thrown a long distance in a sideways or backwards fashion.

How far behind the line of scrimmage can a player go to kneel the ball?

You don't have to be behind the line off scrimmage to kneel the ball. Anytime you kneel a football you are giving up your right to advance it (Though you may not be downed yet). Therefore you can kneel it as far back as you want. If you were on your opponents 5 yard line you could snap the football as the QB and run back 90 yards (perhaps to burn more time) and kneel it then.

Is it legal for a receiver to knock down a defender on the line of scrimmage and run a route?

In most leagues, yes, this is legal provided that both are near the line of scrimmage and that the receiver is not illegally using his hands to restrain or grapple the defender.

What does the Line of Scrimmage mean in football?

its sort of the invisible line where the quarterback throws the ball, and once the ball is thrown the QB cant run forward. :) I think

What constitutes a spot foul in football?

A spot foul is a penalty behind the dead ball spot which results in the penalty being measured from the spot of the foul. When a quarterback grounds a pass while in the endzone the spot of the foul is in the endzone and results in a safety. In high school holding behind the line of scrimmage is measured from the spot of the foul as long as the run ends beyond the spot of the foul.

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