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No, a cricket ball is much larger than a Golf ball.

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Q: Is a golf ball bigger than a cricket ball?
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Is a golf ball smaller than a cricket ball?

Golf balls must weigh less than 45.93g and have a diameter greater than 42.67mm. A cricket ball has to weigh between 155.9g and 163g, and have a circumference between 22.4cm and 22.9. The cricket ball is bigger.

Why can a cricket ball do more work tan a golfball moving at the same speed?

This is because the cricket ball is more heaver and bigger than the golf ball so it imports more force

Is a Golf ball bigger than squash ball?


What is the design of a Golf ball?

Smaller than cricket ball and in circular shape.

Is a golf ball bigger than a soccer ball?

no it is not in size but in wieght it is

Why is cricket ball got more force than a golf ball?

Becasue it has air in it and golf balls have parts of pig brain in it and not air..

Is a golf ball bigger than a ping pong ball?

Golf ball is significantly larger. Golf ball sized and ping pong size are mostly used to measure hail sizes. A golf ball is bigger but not by much. Inches. 1 1/2 Ping Pong Ball Size 1 3/4 Golf Ball Size

What is better golf or cricket?

golf is better than cricket

Type of ball that is smaller than a baseball?

Ping Pong Ball / Table Tennis Golf Ball Cricket Field Hockey Lacrosse Billiards / Pool Squash Are all smaller in diameter than a baseball

Is cricket harder than golf?

If your good at golf then yes it is harder.But if your good at cricket golf would be harder

Why can a cricket ball do more work than a golfball even when they are going at the same speed?

Cricket balls are more massive than golf balls (because they're bigger and denser).This means the balls can impart more force, which over distance means they can do more mechanical work.

How much bigger is the sun than a golf ball?

The sun is: 865,000 miles in diameterA golf ball is: 42.67 mm(865,000 miles) - (42.67 millimetres) = 1,392,082.56 kilometres

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