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For beginners I would recommend a regular shaft in your driver, these are aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds, as you progress through the game you may want to go to stiff or even extra stiff.

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Q: Is a flex shaft driver better for beginners?
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Related questions

Most popular driver flex on PGA tour?

The most popular driver flex on the pga tour would be an X flex shaft . For high swing speeds. And a weighting of anywhere between 66 to 90 gram shaft roughly.

What driver should a beginner in golf be using?

A good idea is a large headed high lofted (10.5 degrees plus) and a regular flex shaft. There may be a temptation to get a 9.5 stiff and try and hit it as far as you can, but the first driver i suggested will pay dividends in the long term. The driver is a hard club to hit for beginners due to it's low loft and long shaft.

What does SR flex in shaft of Callaway Big Bertha Diablo driver stand for?

A wise man's guess would be Stiff Regular flex, between Stiff flex and Regular flex.

What is firm shaft flex?

Callaway make this shaft flex, it is designed in between a regular flex and stiff flex shaft.

Is a flex shaft a regular shaft?

A regular shaft has regular flex.

What is the ice hockey tapered shaft?

a tapered shaft is a shaft that gets narrow toward the bottom. this pormotes better flex and whip of the stick for faster shots

What is the difference between the callaway uniflex shaft and the stiff flex shaft?

Uniflex is a firmish-R flex shaft (usually made by True Temper). Not as stiff as a stiff-flex steel shaft from True Temper. But stiffer than an R flex True Temper shaft.

Can a regular flex shaft cause a slice?

Yes because depending on your swing speed the shaft can be too flexed at impact which causes the face and shaft of ur driver to be open. A faster swing speed needs an x stiff shaft

Should the 3 wood shaft be the same as the driver shaft?

yeah it should. Other wise the feeling of both will feel different and most likely you will be hitting every where. Doesnt have to be the same shaft just use same flex.

The shafts on ping golf clubs are stiff flex regular flex and soft regular flex are the soft regular flex the old seniors flex?

Hi....I have played Ping clubs for serveral years..and yes the Ping soft regular shaft is equivilant to the senior shaft or A flex of many shaft designations.

What is more important in a golf club the shaft or club head?

Great question. If you are referring to a driver them the shaft is as important as the club head. You need to marry a shaft with the correct flex, kick point and also a driver head with a good loft for you or you will be very inconsistent and not get the best distance or flight that you should.

How do you replace a Weed eater FL 20 flex shaft?

i need to replace the flex shaft in my weedeater. how do i do it?

What does 60 stiff flex mean?

Stiff flex is simply a stiff graphite shaft. The flex of the shaft is basically how whippy it is, stiff has a little whip in it, but less than a regular. 60 would be the weight of the shaft, 60 grams.

The shaft flex is measured by?

Shaft flex is determined by the vibration frequency-- this is measured by fixing the shaft's butt and attaching a 10-ounce weight on its tip and then vibrate it to its vertical direction.

What does intermediate flex mean for golf drivers?

Means the stiffness of the shaft. It is for slower swing speeds. However I tend to reverse that thinking. Rather than matching a shaft flex to benefit a swing speed I match shafts to prevent damage to a swing. Anyone can swing a stiff flex and suffer no real ill effects. The worst that can happen is that you are accurate and maybe a bit shorter (not much) However not everyone can use a whippy shaft flex. The balls will be sprayed all over the place. I bought a Driver on ebay that had an intermediate flex. I sprayed balls to the right and even got a slice back that I had not seen in years. After a few trips on the course it was enough of the intermediate flex. I removed it today and replaced it with a regular flex.

What is a senior flex?

It has more flexibility than a regular or still flex shaft.

What is a senior flex shaft?

A senior flex shaft is a very flexible lightweight golf shaft which is ideal for senior golfers. They usually have a low kick point which is ideal to get the ball in the air with the slower swing speeds of a senior golfer.

What is the difference between regular flex and stiff flex iron shafts?

The flex of a shaft can be varied depending on the needs of the golfer. Stronger golfers tend to swing faster and therefore need a stiffer shaft to keep the club head from lagging too far behind. Seniors and ladies can benefit from a more flexible shaft that helps compensate for the slower swing speed. Shaft flex is important for woods and the longer irons, but has less effect on the shorter irons. Any good golf pro can analyze your swing and tell you what degree of shaft flex you need. Good luck.

What does regular flex mean in a golf club?

Not actually, a regular flex is for beginners. So, really not that simple to the more compelx regular answer!

What does stiff flex in golf shafts stand for?

A stiff flex is the flex of the shaft usually for swing speeds between 90 and 105 mph.

Would a stiffer golf shaft hook or slice more - Exactly the same shaft except for flex?

A golf shaft which is too stiff will cause a slice. This is because the shaft is too stiff for you to square the club face at impact. You can get custom fit to see which flex is best for you, as a shaft which is not fitted correctly can affect your game.

What flex is the s200 shaft?

The S Stands For Stiff. Its Lighter The. Your Standard S300 But Not Much Difference. Most s200 shafts are seen in wedges for feel an flight. Wedges arent made for distance. Hence softer shaft better Feel.

Is there much difference between Senior flex vs a ladies flex shaft?

There is actually very little difference between senior and ladies flex shafts. You will find that the senior flex shaft is slightly heavier. They are both aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds, to help them get the ball the air easier.

How can you tell what the shaft flex is on Ping eye 2 irons?

Take the grip off. If there is a green mark at the butt end of the shaft the shaft is stiff.

Will a stiff graphite shaft be similar to a steel shaft?

The companies that make shafts for golf clubs will have a specification listed on the shaft itself such as "Stiff" of "Juniors". We call it "Flex". The flex standard may be the same on a graphite or steel shaft made by one company and nearly the same as made by another company. It is kind of like sizes for cloths. Both graphite and steel shafts come in "Stiff" flex. Companies may use the word "Mens" in place of "Stiff" or "Juniors" in place of a "not so stiff" shaft. Consult with your local Golf Coach or Golf Professional and they can explain more about the flex in a shaft or other things like "kick points" in a shaft.