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Q: Is a double hit illegal in volleyball?
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Double hit in volleyball?

a double hit in volleyball is unexceptable if you hit it twice then that's an automatic point for the other team

When receiving a serve in volleyball can the ball be double hit?

In indoor volleyball, no person can double hit the volleyball unless the middle (blocker) hit the ball after a block.

Is a doble hit illegal in beach volleyball?

Double touch is illegal unless the player touching the ball blocked it. Blocks don't count as a touch.

How many time does a team can hit in volleyball?

In nearly all volleyball layouts, one team is allowed to hit the volleyball 3 times. 4+ hits are considered illegal.

What is a double hit in volleybal?

A double hit in volleyball when one person touches the ball twice in a row.

What is it called when you hit a volleyball two handed above the wrist?

A double hit

Definition of double hit in volleyball?

A double hit, or two hits, means that one player has touched the ball twice in a row during a rally. This is illegal and the team will be penalized by losing the ball and the opposing team receiving a point.

What is double in volleyball?

When one player hits the ball twice in a row, which is a illegal move.

Can you double hit in beach volleyball?

You can't hit the ball twice by yourself in beach nor indoor volleyball. You can hit it once have another person bump or set and then hit it again though

Hitting the ball two times in a row is call what in volleyball?

a double hit.

What is a doublehit in volleyball?

A double hit in volleyball is when the same player contacts the ball twice without another player touching the ball.

What is it called when a ball is hit twice in volleyball?

When the same person hits the ball twice in a row, it is called a double hit.

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