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A double hit

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Q: What is it called when you hit a volleyball two handed above the wrist?
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What is a one handed bump in volleyball?

it is when you just hit the ball with one wrist, like putting your arm out to get it and you hit it, it doesn't hurt so don't be afraid to hit it.

What if your wrist hurts in Volleyball what do you do?

you rap/tape it

What part of the hand is used in an overhand volleyball serve?

Usually people use the bottom of their hand right above their wrist. Not the palm.

When bumping in volleyball you should use your wrist or your fist?

forearms like 3 or 4 inches after the wrist

Can watches be worn on the right wrist if one is right handed?

You can wear it on which ever wrist you want.

How do you snap a volleyball?

When hitting or spiking a volleyball, a player "snaps" his/her wrist in order to hit the ball harder and more downward. This is done by "breaking" the wrist immediately after the ball is hit.

Why do people wear their watch on the left wrist?

A wristwatch is usually worn on the wrist that will get the least exposure to water and other spills, knocks and scratches and other damage. For a right handed person that would be the left wrist. Since most people are right handed, most watches are worn on the left wrist. Left handed people tend to wear theirs on their right wrist.

How do you do a hard serve in volleyball?

To do a hard serve in volleyball, the best option is to do an overhand serve. To overhand serve, toss the ball as high as you can reach and over your right shoulder (if you are right handed; left shoulder if you are left handed). Keep your arm straight, snap your wrist, and follow through. Make sure to contact the ball in front of you and keep your arm strong.

What is the motion in spiking volleyball?

to spike a volleyball you swing your arms behind your back and when you jump you reach for the ball, spiking it with your wrist.

On which hand does a man wear a watch?

If he is left handed, heMiscrits of Sunfall Kingdom on Facebook wears it on the right wrist. Right handed,.Miscrits of Volcano Island on Facebook left wrist

What is the name of the Joint above the hand?

The joint above the hand is easy but it is called the wrist.. Come on seriously who doent knoe that?

Why is my right wrist smaller than my left and I'm right handed?

I just noticed my left wrist is larger than my right. I, too, am right handed, but this week I was bitten by a cat on my left wrist. After antibiotics the swelling has nearly disappeared, but I fear my wrist will be forever larger than my right.

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