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No. Mickey Rooney's birth name is Joseph Yule, Jr. -- he adopted his screen name Mickey from one of his first roles, Mickey McGuire. He said that the Rooney came from a facetious suggestion of "Looney" by his mother.

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Q: Is Wayne Rooney related to Mickey Rooney?
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How do you spell Rooney?

There is a surname spelled Rooney (Mickey, Andy, Art, Dan, or Wayne).

Are Andy Rooney and Mickey Rooney related?

No; Mickey Rooney's real name was Joe Yule: "Mickey Rooney" was his third stage name, and it stuck. They two are close enough in age and both being media figures that they are assumed to be related, but they have no connection.

Who is Wayne Rooney's mother?

Wayne Rooney's mother is Jeanette Rooney.

Is Birminghams Rooney related to Manchester uniteds Rooney?

No. Adam Rooney of Birmingham City is from Republic of Ireland whilst Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is from Merseyside.

What is Wayne Rooney's son called?

Kai Wayne Rooney

What is Wayne Rooney's dad called?

Thomas Wayne Rooney.

What is Kai Wayne Rooney?

It is the name of Wayne Rooney's son.

What is Wayne Rooney's real name?

Wayne Rooney you dumarses

Is Wayne Rooney on Skype?

Wayne Rooney isn't on skype

What was Mickey Rooney real name?

Mickey Rooney was born Joseph Yule, Jr.

Who was Wayne Rooney's mother?

Jeanette Rooney is Wayne Rooney's mother. She had three children. Wayne Rooney, her oldest son, is a top scoring player for Manchester United.

What was Wayne Rooney's family like?

They were just like Wayne Rooney :)