Who is Wayne Rooney's mother?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Wayne Rooney's mother is Jeanette Rooney.

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Q: Who is Wayne Rooney's mother?
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What are Wayne Rooneys parents called?

His father is called Thomas Wayne and his mother is called Jeanette Marie Rooney.

Who is Wayne Rooneys dad?

Bruce Wayne

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What is the name of Wayne rooneys baby?

Kay Wayne Rooney

What is Wayne rooneys child called?

Kai Wayne Rooney

What is Wayne Rooneys color?

Wayne Rooney's favourite colour is Green.

What sex is Wayne rooneys baby?

Male. Kai-Wayne-Shrek

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Wayne Rooneys middle name?

mark :]

What is Wayne Rooneys age?

He is 27yr old

What is Rooneys name?

Wayne mark Rooney

When is Wayne Rooneys birthday?

24 of October.