What is Kai Wayne Rooney?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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It is the name of Wayne Rooney's son.

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Q: What is Kai Wayne Rooney?
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What is Wayne Rooney's son called?

Kai Wayne Rooney

What are Wayne Rooney's child called?

Kai rooney

How old is Kai Rooney?

Kai Rooney is 8 years old. Kai was born on November 2, 2009 to Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mary Rooney.

Does Wayne Rooney have child?

Yes his name is Kai Rooney.

What is Wayne rooneys child called?

Kai Wayne Rooney

Does Wayne Rooney have children?

Yes Wayne Rooney has a son, Kai, who was born on November 2nd 2009.

What is coleen rooneys babys name?

Kai Wayne Rooney.

Does Wayne Rooney have a baby?

yes, it is a baby boy, called kai

How many kids Wayne Rooney have?

Wayne Rooney has 1 kid so far called Kai how cute I'll let u Know if Coleen has any more kids with Rooney.

Who is Wayne Rooney's sister?

Wayne Rooney does not have any sisters, but he does have two brothers: Graeme and John Rooney.

Does Wayne Rooney have a child?

Yes. Rooney's wife Coleen announced on 7 April 2009 that the couple were expecting their first baby, due in October 2009. Coleen gave birth to their son, Kai Wayne Rooney, on 2 November 2009.

Who is Wayne Rooney's mother?

Wayne Rooney's mother is Jeanette Rooney.