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Q: Is Vince McMahon bringing back WCW?
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Is WCW coming back?

Unless Vince McMahon brings it back as a show, no. WWE, Vince McMahon, owns the copyrights to WCW. He bought the company when they were going under. Nobody can use those letters or trademarks, except WWE.

Who is the owner of WCW?

Vince K. McMahon

Does vince McMahon own wcw?

Yes he does

Does hulk hogan own wcw?

No. Vince McMahon and WWE bought WCW.

How much did vince McMahon buy wcw for?


What had happend to the company wcw?

Vince McMahon bought them.

Will hogan revive wcw?

No he will not, because Vince McMahon owns all rights and copyrights to WCW

Did Vince McMahon really buy WCW in 2001?

Yes he did

What channel does wcw shows?

a wcw isn't on tv anymore vince McMahon bought it and now it dosent exist

Why did wcw invade wwf?

WCW was going down the drain with the murger of AOL and Time Warner. Companies were dismissing it (Breaking ther Contracts) all funding was going. Vince Mcmahon saw this and bought WCW. But they had enough respect for WCW that they made this story line that WCW was bought by Shane and they invaded WWF. Altough Vince owned WCW he let them finish in style. So they only invaded as a last story line and it was all controlled by Vince Mcmahon. Summary Vince owned WCW after there fall and made a big going away invasion story line. I hope that helped.

Why didn't Vince McMahon keep WCW and ECW running?

Because WWE Fans did now watch WCW,and ECW a Lot and it also was not that popular

Has Vince McMahon ever talked to sting?

I guess he would have, atleast when WWE took over WCW

Why did wcw closed?

Because Time Warner who owned WCW let Hogan and Bischoff do what ever they wanted. Vince Russo became the head writer, then they became so weak that Vince McMahon bought them

Does anyone think Vince McMahon Will Bring Back WCW?

NO but im starting a wrestling show called wcw with young talent so in 10 years time wcw will be a house hold show again with me dj dudley,douglas johnson,cristian cobana and more

Why did Austin stun goldberg at WrestleMania 20?

Since GoldBerg Was the Face Of Wcw For So Long, And Austin The Face Of WwF, It Was Vince McMahon's Way Of Showing That Wwf Owns Wcw

Who was the owner of WCW?

Ted Turner until 2001 Shane McMahon in 2001 was the storyline owner for the invasion storyline in the wwe. In real life Vince Mc.Mahon owns the right to WCW.

What did vince McMahon do to screw Bret hart?

HBK Locked Bret in the sharpshooter in his last match before going to WCW,an vince rung the bell,even though Bret never tapped

When did Shane McMahon buy WCW?

He bought WCW in febuary, 2001

When did WWE buy WCW?

WWE acquired WCW in March of 2001. Due to the Attitude Era in the WWE (Esp. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock etc gaining great popularity), the ratings and viewership of WCW consistently came down in comparison to WWE. When WCW was considering acquisition, Vince McMahon was able to strike a deal and buy WCW.

When Vince McMahon purchased WCW what all did he gain rights to?

I believe he gained the rights to the contracts of the wrestlers and others who worked there and more importantly he gained all of their archives. Vince and the WWE own all of their pay per views and all of their television programs like WCW Nitro, Thunder and the Clash of the Champions.

Is sting a former WWE superstar?

no he works for TNA now, 10 or 11 years ago he worked for WCW But it went out of business because Vince McMahon bought it.

Will Vince McMahon make WCW one night stand pay-per-view soon?

Highly doubt it. What is considered "WCW-ish". ECW ONS was different because it was a total different style than WWE, but WCW is not much different than WWE is terms of style.

Is TNA going to become just another WCW?

not exactly but it will have alot of 90's era wcw stars and vince russo is booking however hogan has said he will not let the same mistakes that happened to wcw happen to tna Jan. 2010 - And since when has Hogan ever told the truth! He is already making claims just like he did in WCW. With Russo, Hogan, Hall, and Nash and Bischoff history will repeat itself, and in a few years Vince McMahon will be buying TNA

Is vince McMahon going to buy tna impact?

yes he will i might take him a few years but i mean it will ether go bankrupt or bought out because wcw was a big company he bought it out so yea he will buy it out

Who owns ECW?

Vince McMahon is the owner of ECW, he also owns everything to do with WCW and ECW including the names, logos, everything....he also owns most of the wrestling video library which contains years and years worth of footage from awa, nwa, mid south, wwf, wcw, ecw, and nmore