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NO but im starting a Wrestling show called wcw with young talent so in 10 years time wcw will be a house hold show again with me dj dudley,douglas johnson,cristian cobana and more

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โˆ™ 2010-04-06 10:00:39
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Q: Does anyone think Vince McMahon Will Bring Back WCW?
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Is Vince McMahon Jewish?

I think so , but he is stupid also

Does Vince McMahon have Cancer?


Will wwf comeback?

i vince mcmahon i boss of wwe i think wwf is 2014...

Is Jim McMahon dead?

I think you are talking about "Vince McMahon" who is from WWE. "Jim McMahon" is a former football player who is well known for his playing days on the Chicago Bears. The answer to your question is, both "Vince" and "Jim" are still amongst the living. As of March 26, 2011.

Is Shane McMahon joining tna?

No, because he works for his dad ( Vince McMahon ), so i think he'd rather stay with his dad than go to TNA.

Is Ed McMahon and Vince McMahon related?

I think they are. If I am not mistaking, Vince McMahon is married to Linda McMahonthe, daughter of Ed McMahon. So if this is correct Vince should be Ed's son in law To the response above: So you're saying that Vince Mcmahon (who already had the McMahon name from birth) married ANOTHER McMahon? That seems a little too weird to be true. Where's the proof that his wife is Linda McMahon and that she is the daughter of Ed McMahon? To the response above: It is weird but happen, My granparents from dad side hade the same surname, before getting married but they were not related. If you go to Wikepedia and look for Vince Mcmahon you will read he is married to Linda Mcmahon, then if you look for Ed Mcmahon will tell you that his daughter is Linda weird both of the ladies same name and surname!!!! PS: Don't delete other people's answers just to put your own up, especially if you don't have any references or proof of your answer. You can enter your response below the previous answer. That way, everyone's input is heard. Here's was the previous answer that was deleted by the guy who believes Vince is Ed's son-in-law: Wikipedia states that Vince McMahon's father is this man: and there doesn't appear to be any ties to Ed McMahone, it's just a popular name.

Has vince McMahon ever used steroids?

I dont think so, hes just strong. Hes too old for steroids.

Who is the highest paid WWE superstar ever?

I think its Batista... Since Vince Mcmahon uses him alot to ge to john cena

Who is the anonymous gm of raw?

It is either Triple H, Jim Ross, Shawn Michaels, or Vince McMahon I think vince McMahon is like 10% chance. Jim Ross is probrably 10% as well. Shawn Michaels is 20%. And Triple H is definitly 60% chance

Is Vince McMahon seriously injured by Brock?

its an opinion but i dont think the chairman would let brock do that to him just for a dramatic story line

Is the rock the gm?

I don't think he is. For example, on an episode of Raw, Michael Cole got a message from the GM while the Rock was in the ring. I personally think it is Vince McMahon.

When vince McMahon dies in real life who gets WWE?

Obviously it will be his children but i think it will be Stephanie (vince's daughter) and Shane (Vince's son) will be Raw GM (General Manager) Stephanie has more brains. And dont get your hopes up for any golden tickets although that will be cool. I will fire the miz

Is Vince McMahon seriously injured by Brock?

its an opinion but i dont think the chairman would let brock do that to him just for a dramatic story line Then you don't know Vince very well! But in this case No he wasn't injuied by Brock, Vince has needed a hip replacement for about year now and this was a way to write Vince off the script till after the surgery

Why did Batista turn heel?

it's all a play.. Vince McMahon and others write these stories. i think its because Batista is nicknamed the animal and Vince McMahon decided that we really sall the animal in Batista at bragging rights when he attacked Rey mysterio possibly leading up to a 5-5 survivor series elimination match in Batista's hometown of dc and him not really caring about all of them

Does anyone else think they should bring back Buffy?

I'm sure loads of people agree with you. I think they should bring back Buffy.

How did Randy Orton won the you quit macth?

he lost but when McMahon went to fire him he punched him in the face and kicked him in the skull. here are the victims of the orton punt HHH,Batista,Vince Mcmahon,Matt Hardy,John cenas father, John Cena? i think,many more.

What are the unlockables on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

Vince McMahon, Rey mysterio alterne costume, a soldier named tony, Masked man, Zombie finlay, zombie cena (i think) and some others

Did vince McMahon plan for Owen hart to die?

i dont think you can plan to die like that. But the WWE does invole around Vince , but truthfully i dont no. All I no is Owen is in a better place and the WWE universe misses him so much. Im very sorry to the Hart family

Will Bret hart face vince McMahon at wrestlemania 26?

Okay, we all know wrestling is fake. Staged. But I like wrestling also. McMahon said no, and yesterday on the February 22 edition of Monday Night Raw McMahon invited Hart back to Raw next week for a proper fairwell. So I think, you know, just to make this a good storyline, and to hype the crowd up for Wrestlemania, next week or a few weeks before Wrestlemania, something will happen and the next match will be Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart at Wrestlemania in a no-DQ match or something like that. Watch Raw next week and you might find out.

Has sting ever been apart of WWE?

i don't think so but like a month or 2 months ago he announced on TNA that Vince McMahon called him and asked if he wanted to come to WWE but he said no so i doubt it

What does Vincent McMahon think about hulk hogans celebrity championship wrestling?

If he has any chance to profit from it he loves it, if not, it doesn't even exist to him. Vince McMahon cares ONLY about money. He has soldout his family time and again to fill the seats and sell the Pay pre Views. The only part more disguesting is that we, the public, keep buying it.

Will the macho man randy savage ever be inducted into the WWE hall of fame?

Hopefully, but it's very unlikely. For some reason that no one can comprehend, Vince Mcmahon does not like Randy Savage. And obviously, Vince is the decider of who enters his Hall of Fame. So unless Vince can put his ego behind him (Ha! The man's a genius but let's get real) I do not think we will see Macho Man go into the HOF. Oh, yeah...

Will Jeff hardy return to tna 2011?

No I dont think so I heard he was talking to McMahon about making another contract with WWE That's a flat out lie Vince hasn't seen or been in contact with Jeff since he left WWE

Who is related in the WWE?

Kane and undertaker , Matt hardy and Jeff hardy, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and some more I think

Who was the first wrestler to use a steel chair?

i think it is either ric flair, mr McMahon himself or randy savage or even Shane McMahon..